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Data Reports for Neighborhoods and Schools
Real Estate Digital's Data Reports for Neighborhoods & Schools provides data with more than 100 different school and neighborhood elements included. The product is comprised of aggregation of multiple data sources including U.S. Government census data, FBI crime statistics, state and regional education boards and districts, and the National Weather Service, just to name a few. The reports dig down to the Census Block Group Level (beyond the zip-code level data) and make it available as: Raw data that integrates into your application or website; Web-based Neighborhood & School Reports (NSR) that integrate into your website via an application programming interface (API). Data elements include housing trends and statistics, demographics, local economy, schools, environment and quality of life – for all 50 states. Examples of the data elements include: school data such as student-to-teacher ratio, school location and contact information, expenditures per student and more. The People section provides information such as age range of children, education of the people in the community, marital status, male/female ratio and more; while the Housing stats include rental vs. ownership information, age of homes, values and appreciation of properties and other data.
National Relocation Services
Customized and skilled coordination of global title and closing services to corporations and management companies seeking the comfortable and timely relocation of employees
SpatialMatch™ is an interactive geo-spatial, map search platform that delivers a new way to search for real estate online. Through the Lifestyle Search System, users can visually see the relational perspective between all things important in their real estate decision making process. SpatialMatch™ can help home buyers find homes for sales within a quarter mile of a high school, a half mile of a coffee shop, and 2 miles from a grocery store. SpatialMatch™’s platform is built on multiple levels of data, including for-sale homes, historic ‘sold’ data, 60+ million not-for-sale houses, 130,000+ schools and universities, 12+ million businesses, demographics and statistical data, and more. They also offer features like local news as well as free Home Value Reports (AVM’s), enabling deeper levels of search. SpatialMatch™ is designed to be embedded into any broker or agent’s website. It also can be white-labeled for web developers, portals, data providers including IDX, MLS, banks, and media and travel websites. The SpatialMatch™ platform offers a fluid and engaging user experience. Data is delivered incredibly quickly, with no load or refresh screens, and is all displayed visually. Benefits of SpatialMatch™ include: Generate new leads – Users of SpatialMatch™ sign up for accounts in order to save searches, bookmark properties, set preferences, and access Home Value Reports. Once they do, they are delivered to you, the website owner, as a lead. Gain insights into your leads – The built-in Lead Confirmation process provides details about a visitor’s search process and lifestyle filters give the agent/broker new insights into what drives their home buying decision. Retain users – Lifestyle Search, free Home Value Reports, and deep levels of data, eliminate the need for visitors to leave your site to search other web portals for this data. To view a website with SpatialMatch on it, visit this site and search for real estate in Lexington Kentucky.
TLCengine crunches housing prices, cost-of-living data, and commute times in a bid to help families find the right balance. TLCengine estimates commuting costs using more than nine variables, including make and model of car, up-to-date prices at nearby gas stations, tolls and parking costs. TLCengine's algorithm also takes into account 31 lifestyle and affordability factors when searching for a home, including mortgage rates, property taxes, and area heating and cooling costs, as well as commute costs. The TLCengine tool provides users with: Personalized results that include user's actual commute times and costs Easy to view home energy costs and property tax info Results sorted by user's lifestyle and the places that matter most, like nearby schools, golf courses, fitness centers, or even a favorite cafe