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3D Animation and Imaging
RTV creates 3D Animation, 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Rendering and 3D Objects for agents to provide a three dimensional view point of their listed properties. RTV engineers turn your blueprints and plans into a photo-realistic virtual environment. RTV then designs a presentation that allows your audience to visualize your ideas and concepts. All of RTV's 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Animations, 3D Renderings, and 3D Objects may be displayed on a computer, TV, CD, DVD, or website. You will be asked to provide RTV engineers with interior, aerial and exterior photographs of the property. They will also need any pre-existing architectural drawing, sketches and renderings. Blueprints, CAD drawings and design and furniture style is useful, as well. Any preferred music, sounds or professional voice over recommendations you have will be integrated into the 3D final product. Once you speak with one of RTV's staff members regarding your specific custom 3D Walkthrough needs, they will send you a proposal for your job, including a workflow outline, time line, production costs, and FTP access to their servers so you can start uploading the assets for your custom 3D project. Most of RTV's high end custom 3D Walkthroughs take about 15 - 20 business days to complete in full. Throughout the entire process, RTV will be in contact with you and your team to make certain they are on the right track.
Altos Xplorer
Altos Research monitors real estate conditions in 15,000 zip codes around the country every week. Altos Explorer creates custom charts and graphs for agent and broker listing presentations, blog posts, and mailings. Altos Research publishes statistics and measures the market. How it works: Step 1: Search the Altos Research database Step 2: Chart local market trends Step 3: Quickly analyze today's conditions: Sift through statistics to compare local market opportunities, identify trends etc. Step 4: Export the data: Save graphical charts and export historical data directly to a PC. Altos Xplorer was designed to help real estate professionals track dozens of current real estate statistics across different price ranges and property types.
Altos Research’s AltosCharts provides real-time market data for real estate professionals’ website and blog. AltosCharts was designed to give with agent and broker subscribers the ability to incorporate live market data charts and statistics into their blog, websites and more. The AltosCharts and AltosStats tools offer real estate professionals access to over 150 different market measurers across the country. Each week Altos Research’s market statistics are calculated, across a rolling average time period, and divided into price ranges for every market. AltosCharts are available in different sizes and can be animated as well. AltosCharts data was designed to answer questions like: Want to watch the Days on Market for high-end homes in Dallas? Want to compare demand trends for San Francisco vs. San Diego? Want to compare two counties in California? Real estate agents and brokers can also add AltosCharts to a PowerPoint presentation as part of their listing meeting. AltosCharts can also help to inform and engage web visitors. To create an AltosChart™ agents and brokers can us the AltosXplorer tool to select their favorite city, and then copy and paste the image tag or URL into their webpage.
CyberCity 3D Products
CyberCity 3D offers web-based, three-dimensional products designed to maximize marketing and advertising exposure on the Internet. View residential and commercial properties available for sale, rent, or lease as well as buildings and businesses in eye-catching 3D. See it all on the most popular virtual globe, the Google Earth™ API Plug-In. It’s quickly becoming the hottest online, 3D search experience. CyberCity 3D services include: 3D Web Publishing & Advertising- This on-line mapping solution shows the property’s location, surrounding area and proximity to points of interest, major freeways/highways, neighboring cities, and much more. 3D Virtual Viewing- This unique marketing tool provides an interactive, 3D model of the home designed to increase web advertising exposure and attract consumers searching for their next home. EcoCities 3D Website Tools- EcoCities 3D Website Tools, Version 1.0, is the first in a series of on-line, energy efficiency applications and green house gas (GHG) information-gathering and computing tools offered via a 3D Web Platform designed and distributed by Google Maps/Earth™. 3D Buildings & Cities- 3D models are sold by square kilometer and are available in gray models (no texturing applied); auto-texturing (from aerial photography); and premium & deluxe- photo-realistic texturing (from high resolution photographs of buildings).
Dakno's Graphic Design Services
Dakno Real Estate Marketing provides graphic design to real estate professionals to help create an attractive brand for a number of marketing materials. Dakno looks to design marketing materials that build consistency and define what a real estate agent does and who that agent is. Each design has a “call to action”; this means that each marketing piece calls readers to respond in some way (i.e. ask a question, call a number, visit a website etc.) Dakno helps design the following marketing materials for their clients: Real estate web design Branded PDF's Property flyers Postcard mailers Print advertising (newspaper, Homes & Land, Harmon Homes, magazine) Car wrap design Logo development Book covers
Gliffy Online- Floor Plan Diagrams
Gliffy Online is an online website that hosts Gliffy design software. With Gliffy Online, users can help agents and brokers create process flow diagrams, organizational charts, floor plans, network diagrams, technical drawings, and more. With Gliffy Online you can create a floor plan of your property to show the dimensions, construction features and a visual rendering of your property layout. People just understand better with pictures. It helps them see how information is connected, whether it is complete, and how a shift in one element impacts something else. Gliffy Online includes: An extensive shape library--you can drag and drop from a library of shapes including floor plans, and basic shapes Upload your own images- like logos and backgrounds, to complement your diagrams Save as JPG, .PNG, .SVGEasily import a picture of your diagram into another document in a desktop or online application, or open it with an illustration application Large drawing area Print out your diagrams Auto-line connectors- connect shapes with lines and the lines will automatically shift when you move the shapes Auto-centering on zoom Document manager with tagging and preview Lock shape--make the shape stay put while you move other objects on the screen Color and gradient fill options--makes your diagrams easy to read and professional-looking Auto-formatting Gliffy helps you improve you communicate visually. It offers you unique collaboration capabilities with your colleagues, vendors, clients, and organizations.
Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck is a free iPad app designed to make building visually appealing presentations simple. Presentations can be emailed or shared via social channels, or embedded on a blog or website. With Haiku Deck, real estate professionals can introduce themselves, create listing presentations, illustrate stats and trends, and share their expertise. Users can illustrate their presentations by choosing from millions of free Creative Commons photos or premium imagery from Getty Images. You can also import your own images or easily create charts and graphs. Presentations can be further customized with a range of stylish fonts, layouts, and image filters. No design skills are needed to create beautiful presentations. Haiku Deck is based on aesthetic principles that make creating ugly presentations impossible. First, presentations are kept simple by limiting text and focusing each slide on one idea. They're then made beautiful by using full-bleed images as well as one-touch themes, filters, and formatting.
LinkURealty Graphics and Web Design
LinkURealty offers professional graphic and web designs to real estate agents, brokers or mortgage brokers. If you would like professional assistance with developing an attractive, colorful e-mail template design, a company logo, or business card design, LinkURealty can provide those services. They can also provide for your marketing packages that incorporate these services. LinkURealty specializes in e-mail template designs, made for Outlook. These custom HTML designs serve to represent the face of your company or you, and your services. These templates are created to correspond with your company or personal website, to create consistency, unless you prefer to modify your look via email. LinkURealty provides custom logo design services for real estate agents, brokers and mortgage brokers. These logo designs are made to fit your requirements and to become the face of your company. LinkURealty's custom business card designs are created with a unique style and are created to maintain a consistent branding look with your website, brand, style or color scheme. LinkURealty provides its customers with low cost printing services, with high quality 15pt stock, and glossy U/V coating. If you would like a combination of these marketing tools, the Agent Marketing Kit, includes a Professional XE Website & Design, along with a custom logo design, custom business card design, 1000 high-quality business cards and an e-mail template for use with Microsoft Outlook or future LinkURealty newsletter, drip e-mail and e-mail campaign features. The Broker Marketing Kit, includes a Signature Series Website, which features a full custom home page design, along with a custom logo design, custom business card design, 1000 high-quality business cards and an e-mail template for use with Microsoft Outlook or future LinkURealty newsletter, drip e-mail and e-mail campaign features.
Trendgraphix’s TRENDVision is an online local market trending reports system for MLS organizations and their subscribers. TRENDVision offers MLS Associations and Board market data accessed through a user-friendly web-based interface. They use an easy to use, web-based reporting program that generates simple-to-create and easy-to-understand graphs and charts. This product was created to provide an added value to the member toolkit. Trendgraphix takes the large volume of data in an MLS system and turns it into graphs that tell the story of the MLS' market place. TRENDVision graphs can provide critical market data to an MLS and its members, to help everyone gain a better grasp of what's going on in their market right now. In turn, member brokers and agents can use the graphs and charts to tell the story of their market place to their customers, helping them to make more educated decisions when buying or selling a home. TRENDVision is currently offered to all Rapattoni MLS customers across the country, as well as being available for sale directly to MLS organizations and REALTOR® Associations who use other MLS software platforms. In addition, Trendgraphix works cooperatively with MLS and REALTOR® Associations to create marketing partnerships that can benefit MLS staff and its members/subscribers without requiring a financial commitment from the organization itself.