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ACTive Agent MT
Sonoma Enterprises' ACTive Agent MT is software that enhances agent productivity for total Customer and Real Estate Listing Management when used with Symantec/SalesLogix award winning ACT! contact management software. ACTive Agent MT, when used with ACT! Contact management software adds the ability to track multiple real estate transactions that are associated to a single contact, as well as, associate multiple contacts to a single real estate transaction. ACTive Agent MT includes three additional modules; a "Letter Manager", the "Expense Manager" and the "Campaign Manager", adding the functionality to conveniently schedule, track & manipulate multiple customers, listings, & tasks through your customizable and openly definable "campaigns". ACTive Agent MT campaigns can contain tasks to do, meetings to schedule & calls to make, as well as form letter and brochure correspondence management. An unlimited number of you activities can be scheduled automatically to an unlimited number of customers with one simple mouse click. ACTive Agent MT offers you a campaign manager, letter manager, expense manager, data entry screen and system reports and other features. ACTive Agent MT further tracks marketing listings & expenses, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher for creating letters and brochure correspondence. ACTive Agent MT ships complete with 14 pre-defined informative reports, as well as 8 marketing brochure templates. ACTive Agent MT is further capable of downloading MLS data, attaching unlimited graphics or photos to your contact records, and is Palm Pilot compatible.
If you are tired of the shoebox full of receipts or having to keep track of your business expenses, Deductr might be the solution. Deductr PRO is fast and an easy way to track your expenses, mileage, and time. Their core purpose is to help you maximize your tax deduction and keep more of what you make. With Deductr, users can: Automate the expense tracking process Ensure you never miss another deduction Eliminate tax time stress Pay only what is required and not a penny more The Deductr real-time tax deduction calculator allows you to see your current tax savings with every entry. They also have a detailed tax report with one click and it's perfectly formatted to meet your tax preparer's needs. Another great tool they offer is the BankLINK feature. This feature allows you to automatically track your income and expenses by linking your bank accounts or credit card. Deductr has made it their goal to make tax time stress-free and with all the useful tools they have available, they might be "this much" closer to accomplishing that goal.
MileIQ Mileage Tracking App
MileIQ is a mobile app that automatically logs your mileage and tracks it in an IRS-compliant format so that you can deduct your mileage from your taxes. The app automatically uses your smartphone's sensors to detect when you're driving. When a drive is completed, MileIQ prompts you to classify the drive as either personal or business. You can do this by swiping right to classify as business or left to classify as personal. Every logged drive includes information like start and stop time, distance traveled, and a map of your route. You can additionally choose to add notes, identify the purpose of the drive, select which car was driven. Beyond the mobile app, MileIQ offers a web dashboard where users can bulk edit or classify drives, search for drive, generate reports, and more. Reports are IRS-compliant and can be exported in multiple formats, like .CSV, .PDF, and files specific to select accounting software programs.