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MileIQ Mileage Tracking App
MileIQ is a mobile app that automatically logs your mileage and tracks it in an IRS-compliant format so that you can deduct your mileage from your taxes. The app automatically uses your smartphone's sensors to detect when you're driving. When a drive is completed, MileIQ prompts you to classify the drive as either personal or business. You can do this by swiping right to classify as business or left to classify as personal. Every logged drive includes information like start and stop time, distance traveled, and a map of your route. You can additionally choose to add notes, identify the purpose of the drive, select which car was driven. Beyond the mobile app, MileIQ offers a web dashboard where users can bulk edit or classify drives, search for drive, generate reports, and more. Reports are IRS-compliant and can be exported in multiple formats, like .CSV, .PDF, and files specific to select accounting software programs.
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