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RPR for Commercial
RPR for Commercial For those specializing in commercial properties, this program providers users comprehensive market data on a single platform. You can search for data by demographic, psychographic, or spending information to identify areas of high concentration of the customers your client is looking to target.  RPR for Commercial also helps business owners find a location based on an analysis of spending data within drive time, radius, or general area. Commercial reports can also be put together in minutes for your client to show trade area, business opportunities chart, or property reports as well.
iAnalyzeREI is web-based software that immediately analyzes commercial and multi-family income properties. This software brings you a user-friendly interface, step-by-step data gathering, automatic analysis revision, and a sell price evaluation feature. A key selling point for this software is the professional report it produces at the end of a full property analysis. These include a comprehensive, organized view of property analysis. The report includes: Summary A full description Detailed report on the cash flow A financial forecast A variety of colorful graphics Price sale evaluation Resale information Prices Optional comparisons with other buildings. Together, all of these sections create an overall professional and aesthetically pleasing report. There is also a feature at the bottom of the report which enables a visitor to indicate their interest in the property and fill out their name and email, or else they can forward the information to a friend. Once completed, two version of the reports are sent directly to you, one with a personalized company logo, and one without any branding. Two other features can be added to your iAnalyzeREI software: Widget and iMarketREI. A complimentary widget calculator is available to upload to your website. iMarketREI is a marketing software that allows you to market your properties for free with the iAnalyzeREI software.
REI Wise Commercial Investment and Management Suite
REI Wise offers software solutions aimed at supporting the management of commercial and investment properties. Individual real estate professionals like brokers, lenders, appraisers, or investors, supporting individual users, office wide implementation, or enterprise corporations, design the product for use. At the heart of REI Wise are two key solutions – investment analysis and property management. The investment analysis tools cover a wide range of property investment types including multi-family, retail, office and industrial. The software is configured to contemplate the unique costs and accounting structures that are normally used in evaluating these types of investments. Once the property characteristics and financials are entered, the product provides you with the ability to create many forms of reports and presentations including formatted property presentations, flyers, proposals, and reports. Additional features include property specific websites. They also offer Deal Rooms for managing transaction information and document sharing, securely. If you are looking for a foundational software solution for your commercial or investment needs, check out REI Wise.