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SmartZip Expands Predictive Marketing Platform with Broker and Enterprise Scaled Solutions
The leader in predictive marketing technology now offers custom-built solutions for larger real estate and lending brands to improve productivity and fuel recruiting and retention efforts PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug 8, 2017 -- SmartZip Analytics, Inc., the leader in predictive marketing technology for real estate and related industries, has expanded its offering to support enterprise clients across the real estate and mortgage lending sectors. SmartZip's SmartTargeting and Reach150 products integrate with the enterprise's systems to address their three primary pain points: productivity and transaction volume, brand reputation and control, and talent growth and retention. SmartZip's enterprise solutions are customizable for real estate and lending companies of any size and model. NextHome Inc., a fast-growing real estate franchise company with more than 300 offices and 2,000 agents, leverages the predictive marketing power of SmartZip's SmartTargeting and Reach150 platforms. "At NextHome Inc., we pride ourselves on offering fully-automated and highly-integrated technology and marketing products to our agents. SmartZip's enterprise solution fits perfectly and seamlessly into our long term strategy and growth," said James Dwiggins, Chief Executive Officer of NextHome, Inc. "The predictive marketing technology, referral solution, and features like brand control and single sign-on make SmartZip a unique partner that gives our agents and brokers an advantage in the market." Real estate and lending enterprises often report that their primary pain points are related to introducing, integrating and sustaining technology solutions that solve the problems of both their individual team members and the brand as a whole. Common issues that can plague even the most successful brands include: Productivity and transaction volume. Agents and loan officers may not have access to integrated, cutting-edge tech products that help them to automate daily tasks, increase transactions and gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Social proof via referrals and testimonials. While word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to convert and win new clients, many agents and loan officers fail to request and capture reviews and referrals from happy former customers. In addition to losing out on easy referral business, these team members and their brands may lose new business as a result of a weak or adverse online reputation. Brand reputation and control. While a consistent brand is needed to lead the marketplace and stay within legal bounds, many brokers struggle to control the marketing content of their independent contractors. Talent growth and retention. Brands that do not adapt to new technology standards may have a hard time recruiting and retaining top talent in their marketplace. Companies also lack social proof — like testimonials and positive reviews — that organically improve a brand's reputation and recruiting efforts. SmartZip's dynamic enterprise platforms — SmartTargeting for Sphere, SmartTargeting for Geo, and Reach150 — can be scaled and customized for any business size or model. These solutions give enterprise clients the critical tools they need to accelerate their own growth while automatically fostering the long-term success of their individual agents and loan officers. SmartTargeting's predictive marketing platform offers data-backed predictions of likely movers from an agent or loan officers' personal database or any custom geographic territory. Brands can allow agents or loan officers to target these predicted movers with automated marketing campaigns so each team member focuses their attention on the right prospects at the right time — and wins more business as a result. SmartTargeting's customized marketing design libraries can be locked down so the marketing efforts of individual team members can automatically remain creative, compliant and on-brand — even without the direct approval from brokers and brand leaders. Reach150's referral marketing engine automatically generates testimonials and referrals from past clients — then turns these unique, client-generated content into marketing campaigns that target top prospects online and build up SEO for the agent and brand. By activating Reach150 for their team members, company leaders can ensure their agents and loan officers are seamlessly harnessing the full power of their past clients to win new business. Reach150's advertising engine for recruiting can also be used by brokers and brands to collect testimonials from happy agents or loan officers on their team, which are automatically displayed as online ads to attract their target list of prospective agents. When a new hire switches firms, the brand can run ads highlighting the agent's new workplace — boosting organic SEO for the brand while reinforcing their reputation as a growing, local leader. Simplified single sign-on makes integration a breeze and drives adoption across the firm. Enterprises can easily integrate through open APIs to offer a single sign-on experience that auto-syncs the brand's profile information for all team members upon login. Large enterprise companies like NextHome, RealtyWorld and Metro Brokers have signed on early to fully customize and leverage SmartZip's enterprise solutions. "SmartZip gives us the most complete offering for our brokers and associates. Our customized combination of their SmartTargeting and Reach150 enterprise solutions allows our brokers and agents to leverage a powerful marketing and analytics tool in an integrated, easy-to-use platform," said Metro Brokers CEO M.H. "Rip" Ripley, who represents 1,000 agents across 45 Colorado offices. "It's just what we had been looking for — complete, effective and data-smart." The right-sized solution for any real estate or lending enterprise SmartZip's SmartTargeting and Reach150 platforms are both integrated and flexible, allowing companies of any size or model to take full advantage of the features that would best suit their individual team members. After years of innovating solutions for individual agents and loan officers, SmartZip understands that these team members deeply desire automated, integrated technology — and they are often seeking out and paying for these solutions on their own," said Rajeev Kalavar, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy and Operations. "We are excited to introduce robust enterprise solutions that empower small and large companies to bolster the productivity of their agents or loan officers, while simultaneously moving the needle on their own brand goals and recruiting and retention efforts." ABOUT SMARTZIP ANALYTICS, INC. SmartZip Analytics is a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for real estate, lending and related industries. SmartZip's SmartTargeting platform uses patent-pending predictive analytics, multi-channel marketing automation, and smart CRM to identify top home seller prospects, engage them through targeted marketing campaigns, and ultimately close more business with smart nurturing and prospecting tools. SmartZip's newly acquired Reach150 platform automatically requests and publicizes client-generated testimonials and referrals to help agents and loan officers boost their word-of-mouth business. Together, SmartTargeting and Reach150 help enterprises and professionals across the real estate and mortgage lending sectors efficiently grow new business within their local markets as well as maximize repeat and referral business from their previous customers and contacts.
SmartZip Adds Lead Qualification and Concierge Service to its Predictive Marketing Platform
SmartZip Outreach mobilizes a team of inside sales agents who engage and pre-qualify likely home sellers identified by predictive analytics PLEASANTON, Calif., July 18, 2017 -- SmartZip Analytics, Inc., the leader in predictive marketing technology for real estate and related industries, has announced SmartZip Outreach, a lead qualification and concierge service that augments its SmartTargeting platform to proactively verify the selling intent of predicted homeowners. Inside sales agents qualify and engage local seller prospects that have been identified by SmartZip's predictive algorithms and transfer hot leads directly to the local agent for follow-up. "For real estate agents, bridging the gap between cold lead and qualified lead can be difficult and time-consuming. Often times, opportunities are lost when agents get busy and are unable to connect with good listing prospects fast enough," said Rajeev Kalavar, SmartZip's Executive Vice President of Product, Strategy and Operations. "SmartZip Outreach ensures that our clients are the first to reach out and connect with a likely home seller, and is designed to help agents nurture and grow relationships with these prospects for the long-term." SmartZip Outreach is powered by experienced inside sales agents (ISAs) who call targeted homeowners from an agent's market area or sphere. In each call, the ISAs leverage proprietary scripts designed to non-invasively extract the homeowner's selling intent and timeframe. The ISAs are trained to recognize immediate home seller opportunities, which are instantly transferred to the agent for personal follow-up. Homeowners who plan to sell in the next few months are nurtured via phone calls, text and email, in addition to SmartTargeting's automated nurture campaigns, until they are ready to speak with the agent about listing their home. If the seller prospect does not show any indication of selling, the inside sales agent attempts to identify referral opportunities before disqualifying them from the agent's pipeline. SmartZip Outreach's early adopters have been impressed with how the ISAs are able to build relationships with potential local sellers before passing off the hot leads to the agent for direct follow-up. "I just recently launched another campaign using SmartZip Outreach and I'm impressed with the early results," said Scott Newman, broker/owner of Newman Realty in Chicago, Illinois. "I love the idea of saving time by only speaking to homeowners who are thinking of selling in the near future. This new feature further saturates my farm with my brand and positions me as the absolute go-to resource for selling homes in the area." Qualified leads from data-backed predictions Historical industry data shows that when such a service prospects a database of traditional, non-targeted homeowners, it generates one lead or nurture contact every 35 conversations on average. By contrast, in the initial alpha test of SmartZip Outreach based on SmartTargeting's predicted seller targets, the service has seen an improvement of 2x or more, with the ISAs sourcing a lead every 18 conversations on average. SmartZip client Leah Quintana of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has reported strong results in her short time using Outreach. "SmartZip Outreach has been a fantastic new feature to put in my tool belt," said Leah, a RE/MAX Elite agent who participated in the alpha test. "It has been amazing to see that the inside sales agent callers could generate five times as many leads when working from a list of predicted sellers instead of my whole database. It's saving me a ton of time, and it saves me a lot of money. It is early in my campaign and I have already been able to secure a listing. I am very happy!" Rollout and package options After the highly successful Alpha test, SmartZip Outreach is now available to both new and existing clients. Agents who commit to SmartZip Outreach can request that the ISAs contact only their top-ranked predicted sellers — the top 20% of the owners in their geographical farm — or every contact within their farm. Outreach can be purchased as an add-on service with only a two-month commitment. Results have shown to increase over the long-term, with continued and consistent outreach from the ISAs to top targets. Early adopter discounts are available for current and new SmartTargeting clients who sign up this month. "For eight years, SmartZip has been laser-focused on not only developing the most accurate home seller predictions in the industry, but also in making predictive analytics actionable for busy agents and brokers," said Kalavar. "We expect that adding this lead qualification and concierge service to our SmartTargeting platform will immediately elevate the success of agents who recognize the value of predictive analytics, but lack the time or resources to qualify and win over predicted sellers in their area." ABOUT SMARTZIP ANALYTICS, INC. SmartZip Analytics is a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for real estate, lending and related industries. Using patent-pending home intelligence, predictive analytics and automated marketing campaigns, SmartZip's SmartTargeting platform offers an integrated solution that can identify top home seller prospects accurately, engage them through targeted online and offline marketing campaigns, and help close more business with smart nurturing and prospecting tools. SmartZip is backed by Intel Capital, Claremont Creek Ventures, Crest Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, Cue Ball Capital, Toba Capital and ORIX Growth Capital, and is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.