Agent Inbox
Agent Inbox is a fundamentally new way to communicate throughout a real estate transaction. The secure agent-to-agent messaging platform starts at property discovery, automates scheduling, and centralizes each deal through closing. Standardizing the relationship between agents, buyers, sellers, brokers, MLSs, and related vendors, Agent Inbox is the backbone by which every party in the real estate world conducts business.
Whether you are a small or large business, it's your people that make the difference. Your people create incredible first impression, they help customer evaluate your offerings, and they take care of your customers. It's your people that build and nurture the relationships your business success depends on. Workface is a solution dedicated to helping maximize the impact of your people. The Workface Customer-initiated Engagement Platform is designed to get your team engaged with more customer and prospective customer, faster. This enables your people to do more of what they are best at: building and managing customer relationships.
Zopim Live Chat
Zopim is an award winning live chat solution that aims to help REALTORS® increase sales online. As more and more buyers turn to online real estate sites for answers to their property woes, it is increasingly important for REALTORS® to convert these visitors into customers. By deploying live chat on their site, questions can be answered instantly, and trust between REALTORS® and prospects can be built and converted into offline meet-ups. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and deploy Zopim and start chatting. For tech savvy users, there is an endless wealth of intuitive features and APIs to customize and automate Live Lhat to fit your needs. Zopim addresses the limitations of competitors by providing a unique blend of usability, accessibility and intelligence to REALTORS® at an attractive price. These have helped our users increase conversions, and we believe that it can help REALTORS® as well. Usability: Zopim offers a more seamless chatting experience which displays inline on the browser, as compared to the traditional popup interface which may seem intrusive to some users. This increases the chance of interactions between REALTORS® and their prospects. Accessibility: As REALTORS®, much time is spent meeting prospects offline. Zopim lets them stay connected with their prospects online by providing support to visitors arriving on the website via email or being available on the go with their mobile IM client (MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM). Intelligent Features: Zopim Smart Responder interprets questions from prospects and suggests the best answer to the REALTOR®. The Intelligent Trigger System identifies high value leads / potential dropouts using predefined rules, and allows REALTORS® to send messages to visitors under all sorts of conditions, i.e. when they are viewing a particular listing or been on the site for more than five minutes. This results in less typing, faster response time for REALTORS®, and happier customers.