Above Media, LLC
AboveMLS™ For Realtors and Brokers is a complete, turnkey solution for online real estate marketing and lead generation. If you are looking for a fully integrated, feature rich, and totally customized solution for your real estate business, AboveMLS™ is for you.
Kinetic Knowledge
Our name relates to a belief we had way back when we got started: that the creation of ’knowledge- based information’ (content) and the proper support for its’ efficient motion around a hyper- networked web is the premise for modern-day marketing success. Websites should be developed for maximum search engine indexing; armed with a blog for publishing; armed with RSS & Email for direct subscription; with social apps’ for visitor sharing and all that it takes to get the word out there about your business! Get in touch, would love to hear about what you’re trying to accomplish today! Email Us: [email protected] Call: 732 722 5915
Realforce, established in 2014, is a trailblazing technology-first company focused on modernizing and simplifying the real estate marketing landscape. With a strong presence in six global locations and a dynamic team of 85 professionals, Realforce is leading a paradigm shift in the allocation, supervision, and analysis of real estate marketing. This shift aims to combat the staggering -$15,000 cost of poor marketing strategies for the average home-seller. Innovative technology and skilful data management lie at the heart of Realforce. As a marketing platform, designed exclusively for the real estate industry, it provides essential tools to brokerages via the Realforce Program Builder. Flexible advertising programs can be configured to promote new listings, generate leads, drive brand awareness, evaluate ROI, and provide insights through data. Through automation, a single marketer can effectively support a large team of agents, at scale, through software. This focus on technology, coupled with a commitment to innovation, positions Realforce as a game-changer in the real estate marketing industry. Backed by leading SaaS investors and trusted by industry leaders, Realforce is dedicated to transforming real estate marketing through advanced technology solutions. The company's suite of tools and services is designed to streamline, scale, and bring precision to real estate marketing operations, thereby ensuring that brokerages can harness constantly evolving technology to maintain a steady pipeline for their agents.