Pillar To Post Home Inspectors
  Pillar to Post Home Inspectors help you make informed decisions. Will provide a clear, unbiased evaluation of the home's condition, answer any questions you may have and create an easy-to-read objective report regarding the condition of the home.   Property and Site Inspections Pillar To Post Home Inspectors perform property and site inspections as part of the home buying or selling process. We inspect the home’s exterior to identify areas of concern for potential homeowners. Our home inspectors are trained to inspect all major items on the exterior of a home. This training allows us to identify those items on the outside of the home that should be addressed prior to purchasing the home.  Structure and Foundation Inspections An essential step to becoming a homeowner is having the home inspected by a professional. Pillar to Post inspectors can identify aspects of the home’s structure and foundation that could affect the home’s overall value. Our professional inspectors will identify areas of concern and provide the information in a detailed report. Electrical System Pillar to Post Home Inspectors provides a walk-through inspection as part of the home buying process. Our inspectors are trained to inspect all major items inside and outside of a home. With a home inspection, we provide an overview of areas of concern in a home prior to buying it. A lot rides on the functionality of a home’s electrical system. Knowing what to expect when you purchase a home is key to making the best financial choice. When you have a home in mind, let Pillar To Post Home Inspectors provide an inspection. Inspecting the Plumbing System of a Home Buying a new home is an exciting process that can feel overwhelming. When it comes time for the home inspection, trust Pillar To Post Home Inspectors to ease your mind Each of our home inspectors are trained to identify concerns that you should know about prior to purchasing a home. They will look at the major areas and components in a house and present their findings in a detailed report. Roof and Attic Inspections An important part of any home buying process is a professional home inspection. As a potential home buyer, knowing the state of the home you are considering owning is vital. When you have that property inspected by one of our team, you will be given the opportunity to know more about its overall condition. Part of our process includes a thorough inspection of the home’s roof and attic spaces. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Inspections Home inspections are an integral part of the home buying process. Pillar to Post inspectors are trained to spot points of concern throughout the home, identifying items of concern prior purchase. The home’s HVAC system is a primary component of the inspection. We check the condition of each of the systems of the HVAC unit, including the thermostat, furnace, air conditioner and other relevant factors. Season and outside temperature can affect access to the unit. The condition of each part of the HVAC system is provided in the comprehensive report of the inspection. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors have a local-level knowledge of your area, which allows for a more detailed and knowledgeable inspection of your potential home. What REALTORS® say about Pillar to Post  "They are prompt, courteous, efficient, and thorough. All aspects of the inspection are explained in detail, with all questions answered. Much appreciated!"