HomeZada is a digital home platform that manages information through the entire homeowner lifecycle. The Professional version gives agents the power to engage with consumers throughout the entire cycle of buying, owning, and selling a home. A bottle of wine does not help your client manage their largest asset. With HomeZada Professional, you can provide a proven software tool and content for clients to manage their home. Now you can maintain a loyal relationship for a lifetime, as your clients are reminded of you for years. Dazzle sellers with a differentiated online marketing strategy that tells a story about the listing and emotionally engages buyers. After the showing, the unique property website keeps your listing top of mind with buyers as they can see all the visual details of the home when deciding to make an offer.
iGetSales, LLC
iGetSales is a technology company providing intuitive, easy-to-use, customer relationship management and productivity tools to sales professionals and the creator of BluePrint. BluePrint was developed by Chris Martin and Cynthia Haskins, two real estate agents, for real estate agents. BluePrint focuses on three key component of the agent’s business: business planning, key daily activities, and financial management. BluePrint also helps managers in building their business by keeping them focused on recruiting. The manager version includes business planning, daily activity tracking, and roll-up reporting for all agents within their office. BluePrint is built on the belief that simple habits create lasting results.
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