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Coffee Chats with RE Technology


Every one of us is trying to find our new normal.We need to find ways to stay connected to clients and do business remotely. Consistency is key to getting us through this crisis so we can stay calm and make the most of it.

Tune in EVERY WEEKDAY at 9:00 am Pacific to our new Coffee Chats series. Drink your cup of coffee and sit with us for 30 minutes of inspiration, information and actionable tips to make your business stronger.

Sales Success Topics to be Covered:
We’re pulling together a guest list of greats…experts in online marketing, leadership, client relations, relief funding, lead generation, virtual open houses, and a whole bunch more.


  • Discuss how we’re all feeling about this crisis and the latest developments affecting real estate around the country
  • Recommendations about the best ways to thrive
  • Simple, specific takeaways about what you can do RIGHT NOW away to strengthen your business potential

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