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Want to Stand Out from the Crowd? Tell Your Story.
The word “storytelling” has a warm connotation. I love the craft of bringing people along on a journey. They inspire and enlighten. Even in business? Enlightening? Really? Sometimes it feels manipulative; sometimes it sounds like the teller is trying too much. But from the beginning of time humans have always told stories. Now stories bombard us through a number of recent media channels. The act of telling a story has changed, the story is more important than the telling. It’s called PR. Cathy Brooks, founder of Other Than That, head raconteur of Story Navigation and executive producter/host of Social Media Hour, presented at the WITI Women in Technology Summit on the concept of using storytelling through modern channels to build up your client base and promote your brand. She said, "The nature of storytelling has changed. It’s not about the what, it’s about the who. Business today is personal and social media platforms are making it more like this." We now tell people what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, where we’re connected, and who we are connected with. This is the game changing differentiater.
Re-Connect with Inman
Some of the most popular national real estate conferences to attend in the country are Inman Connect conferences.  Packed with engaging speakers, technology trade shows, interesting topics and networking opportunities, Inman conferences provide distinct value for real estate agents and brokers.  For those of you who are on the fence about attending future Inman Connect conferences, or were unable to make the journey to San Francisco, but would like to hear a re-cap on the most popular topics this year, stay tuned.
How to Target Your Marketing Efforts and Master Your Business Niche