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4 Companies Compete in Matterport's Space Jam
Matterport recently held a competition among technology vendors who are developing software that extends the Matterport scan for real estate marketing. The Space Jam competition featured four companies who leverage the Matterport software development toolkit (SDK) to deliver additional features around a Matterport scan. Matterport, now a publicly traded company, continues its growth both domestically and internationally as the leader in property scanning. The company is trying to differentiate itself from virtual tours by adopting the term "digital twin." Matterport creates an exact digital replica. Before we jump into the companies who were in competition at Space Jam, you should know that Matterport itself added some great new editing tools. The first tool is Notes. It allows agents to leave notes in the room that provide additional information to the viewer. A measurement tool and a blur tool have also been added. Matterport Partner integrations Although only four companies were selected for the Space Jam, Matterport has over 100 partners. This adds a lot of value to the core Matterport digital twin and dollhouse offering. If you are investing in Matterport scans, be sure to look into the many applications that extend or enhance the value of that investment. Captur3d: Steven Kounnas – Winner of the Space Jam Captur3ed – pronounced "captured" – won the Space Jam. Many of these companies have similar functionality, but Captur3ed seemed to offer the best user experience. Captur3d creates an entire marketing suite for your Matterport tour: post-production editing, website, floorplan, location based audio and video—embed agent or voice overview of room. Virtually staged furniture, search engine optimization and meta data, photo retouching. This is a company that you definitely want to check out. Agent Relay: Dan Cattermole Agent Relay was the first presenter and probably in second place in Space Jam. The keynote of Agent Relay is the ability to co-view your Matterport scan with a client like a Zoom call. They have also layered a variety of lead conversion tools and analytic tools. Agents can show property remotely in an instant and the platform comes standard with a single property website. Treedis Treedis was similar to the others above, offering live video chat like Agent Relay and tours that are branded. Agents can virtually stage properties from a library of furniture and fixtures, and offer clients virtual showings. VRPM: Mike Merron VRPM has most of the features listed above. Overall, it seemed like this company specializes in providing excellent designers to do the virtual staging for you. Specifically, they showed many examples where they took a framed, empty spaced and brought it to life with multiple design concepts. This may be the best tool for commercial real estate or an empty house. Their superpower is in design.
RPR's 2019 Product Highlights
It's hard to believe, but 2019 is almost in the rearview. It's time to look back, reflect and review all the key enhancements that RPR released throughout the year. In a focused effort to help REALTORS "wow" their clients and close more deals, RPR launched various platform and app upgrades throughout 2019. Each one designed to position you at the center of every transaction, and to help your business grow and flourish.
Everything You Need to Know About ISAs (Licensing)