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RPR's 2019 Product Highlights
It's hard to believe, but 2019 is almost in the rearview. It's time to look back, reflect and review all the key enhancements that RPR released throughout the year. In a focused effort to help REALTORS "wow" their clients and close more deals, RPR launched various platform and app upgrades throughout 2019. Each one designed to position you at the center of every transaction, and to help your business grow and flourish.
Everything You Need to Know About ISAs (Licensing)
This post comes to us from the BoomTown blog: So you've decided to switch over to the ISA (Inside Sales Agent) model. Kudos to you! I bet you have some questions about the specifics of it all. Our own BoomTown users have also been asking some very good questions regarding ISAs. I've gathered some insights (from our awesome BoomTown owners!) on the most frequently asked questions in our forum. Should ISAs Be Licensed? Agents and Brokers Who Say No Although ISAs are typically licensed, there are some real estate agents who prefer their ISAs to be unlicensed. Their reasoning is that often times, the consumer just wants a quick answer to a question and then they will be off the phone. If the ISA is not licensed, they have a good reason for transferring the lead to a buyers agent who is better qualified to not only answer their question, but also to steer the conversation toward closing a deal. A particular broker shared that he would rather have the agents qualify the leads themselves, instead of the ISA. This broker felt that this way the consumer was more likely to step into the physical office, where the agent has a better opportunity to "sell" their company, and in turn, to sell homes.