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'House Whisperer' Helps Turn Low Appraisal Into a Win-Win
Clare Grana is so tuned into her market that she can literally drive through a neighborhood, look at a property, and know what it's worth. Moreover, she's sold so many houses in the area over the past 30 years, that nearly every home has become a story for her to tell. She's that good. So good, in fact, that her sphere of influence has expanded exponentially in recent times. And in this instance she gives a big nod to Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) for making that happen.
Introducing RPR's® Sales Comparison Analysis
Interviewing an appraiser for my series on RPR® got me curious about their tools built specifically for appraisers. So I attended a webinar about one of their newer appraiser tools: the Sales Comparison Analysis and Valuation Workbook. I'm going to walk you through what I learned. About the Sales Comparison Analysis With the Sales Comparison Analysis tool, appraisers can use area sales information as well as comparable properties in a valuation analysis; confirm or adjust subject property information; select, adjust, and weight comps; and create a Valuation Workbook. The language and format of the Valuation Workbook is UAD-compliant.
An Appraiser’s Perspective on RPR®
Dashfly Saves Real Estate Agents Drive Time and and Money
Dashfly™ is a simple, user-friendly Web based route optimization and mileage tracking tool. Whether you're making sales calls, viewing properties, building a delivery route or just running errands, Dashfly™ is quick and easy and takes care of all your route planning needs. Dashfly™ increases productivity and keeps you organized and efficient—resulting in tremendous success for your real estate business or personal planning! Use Dashfly™ anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and save time, money, and gas. Take a look at the DEMO to help you get the most out of your Dashfly™ experience! In addition to the FREE SERVICE, Dashfly™ offers several account options tailored to fit your business and personal trip planning needs. This blog was written by Alex Perry of ActiveRain. To learn about Dashfly, click here.   7 Deadly Tools to Make Your Social Strategy Killer You Can't Network Online Without Generating Conversation Looking for a Lead Generation Tool for 50% Off?