Unlock Market Obstacles: 10 Blueprints for Success

Unlock Market Obstacles: 10 Blueprints for Success


April 24, 2024 


Unlock Market Obstacles: 10 Blueprints for Success
The business of residential real estate isn't always smooth sailing. Obstacles, barriers and red tape must constantly be navigated and worked around. Luckily, REALTORS® have RPR (Realtors Property Resource) at their disposal. Here are 10 strategies for using RPR, a powerful, data-focused platform that can help real estate agents relieve pain points...
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[Podcast] Selecting the Right Brokerage to Start Your Career with Victor Lund
Victor Lund is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WAV Group. For two decades, they've provided consulting services to leading brokerage firms, franchises, MLSs, associations, and the technology industry that serves them. In this episode of Real Talk with Realtors, hear how to select the right brokerage when starting your career as an agent, the...
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Local Logic Partners with homegenius to Elevate Real Estate Decisions
This latest announcement from Local Logic and homegenius underlines the expanding trend of deepening engagement real estate search by providing deep local insights. Gone are the days when search just includes beds, baths and price points. Consumers have an insatiable appetite for information regarding the region, neighborhood and individual property....
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Notarize Real Estate Documents Digitally
Multiple dates Learn how real estate agents can notarize documents 10X faster through dotloop's integrations with Notarize. During this webinar, we will cover: What is online notarization? How to set up your Notarize account How to connect your accounts How to notarize documents How to sync documents back to dotloop Best practices Register...
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Percy.ai Appoints Lisa Larson as Chief Strategy Officer
Accomplished real estate technology executive will oversee the Percy Market Intelligence Platform for real estate professionals, mortgage loan officers and consumers. NASHVILLE, TN – April 23, 2024 – Percy.ai, a leader in data intelligence and fintech marketing for the real estate and mortgage sectors, is thrilled to announce the appointment of...
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