7 Unexpected Marketing Wins You Can Achieve with a Virtual Tour

7 Unexpected Marketing Wins You Can Achieve with a Virtual Tour


April 23, 2024 


7 Unexpected Marketing Wins You Can Achieve with a Virtual Tour
Budgets are tightening in today's real estate market, and your marketing budget is probably no exception. But before you cut back on specific marketing activities, take a look at the tools you already use — they may offer features you don't know about that can help you promote your listings at no extra cost. One of our favorite sources of hidden...
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The Hybrid Agent: Balancing Digital and Traditional Real Estate Practices
In the dynamic world of real estate, where traditional meets digital, a new breed of professional is emerging — the hybrid agent. As technology continues to reshape the landscape of the industry, savvy real estate professionals are finding the sweet spot by seamlessly integrating both traditional and digital practices into their approach. Embracing...
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CoStar Acquires Matterport
Andy Florence hits the center stage at the HousingWire Gathering this morning at 8:45 am in Scottsdale, Ariz. It is sure to be a packed house. If there is one thing that you can say about Andy Florence, when he and his leadership team commit to something, they go in 100%. Today, Matterport is trading at just under $1.4B. When WAV Group worked with...
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Redefining Our Value Proposition in Real Estate
Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 9:00AM PDT Join us for a candid conversation with an all-star panel of seasoned brokers, proptech founders, and community leaders + audience Q&A. Equity Angels brings together a panel of industry leaders to tackle the pressing question of how real estate professionals can proactively adapt to recent changes, thrive...
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Realtyna Awarded Leadership in Advancement of Standard at RESO Spring Event
In a thrilling culmination to the RESO Spring event held in the heart of Alabama, Realtyna, a pioneering force in real estate technology, secured the esteemed "Leadership in Advancement of Standard" award. This accolade not only underscores Realtyna's unwavering commitment to innovation but also highlights its pivotal role in driving industry-wide...
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