Price It Right: 3 Scripts to Guide Sellers Away from Overpricing Pitfalls

Price It Right: 3 Scripts to Guide Sellers Away from Overpricing Pitfalls


March 27, 2024 


Price It Right: 3 Scripts to Guide Sellers Away from Overpricing Pitfalls
Have sellers who are intent on overpricing their home? There's an ancient communication hack you can use to steer sellers towards a more reasonable price point. When we say "ancient," we mean it! The Socratic method, created by ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, is a way to discuss topics by asking questions rather than telling or instructing...
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How Smart Home Technology Is Reshaping Real Estate Opportunities for Agents
In the dynamic world of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. One of the most significant game-changers in recent years has been the integration of smart home technology. From intelligent thermostats to security systems that rival those in high-security facilities, the impact of these innovations on the...
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Leverage ListTrac to Convince Potential Sellers There is Strong Interest in Their Property
While supply is still limited and approximately one-quarter of homes are still receiving multiple offers, homeowners are still hesitant. They do not believe there is enough demand for their home to warrant selling it. Here's one simple way to counter that belief and demonstrate strong home buyer interest. Using the weekly ListTrac report available...
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Dotloop Beginner Agent Training
Multiple dates Whether you just got started with dotloop or need a refresher, our basic training will help you navigate your account and efficiently close deals. Account overview How to create a transaction How to edit, share and eSign documents How to create tasks How to submit for review Register now! Other versions of this webinar: in...
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Concessions cool as spring rental season approaches
Property managers' race to woo tenants eases, signaling a tighter market for renters this spring SEATTLE, March 20, 2024 -- After a winter that saw nearly a third of rental listings offering tenants tempting concessions such as free months of rent or free parking, Zillow's latest data reveals the share of rentals offering perks may have hit its peak....
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