How to Talk About the NAR Settlement with Clients and Prospects

How to Talk About the NAR Settlement with Clients and Prospects


March 26, 2024 


How to Talk About the NAR Settlement with Clients and Prospects
The Ides of March brought a whopper of an announcement to the real estate industry: that the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) had settled the commissions lawsuit. Thanks to wall-to-wall media coverage, it's likely that your sphere of influence has had some questions about the news: Is buyer agency a thing of the past? When do changes go into...
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RPR's Data Partners: Your Secret Weapon in Commercial Real Estate
RPR (Realtors Property Resource) offers commercial real estate practitioners a wealth of listing and property data, plus access to an array of analytical and ROI-focused tools. With over 800K listings, 57 million off-market property records, site selection tools, consumer demographic research, trade area data, traffic counts, POIs (points of interest)...
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Redfin Expands Redfin Next Agent Pay Plan to Additional Markets, Offering Big Splits with Zero Expenses
Redfin announced it is expanding the Redfin Next agent compensation plan to seven additional markets: Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Miami, New York, Palm Beach, and Washington, D.C. Under the Redfin Next plan, agents in these markets earn competitive splits as high as 70%, have virtually all business expenses covered, and get technology, support, benefits...
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AI Magic for Real Estate Marketing
Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 11:00 AM PDT Everywhere you look, AI and advanced technologies are filtering into marketing. And for more than 25 years Constant Contact has designed tools to help businesses stand out, grow, and succeed. Join us for a session exploring how to leverage powerful tools like generative AI and automation for real estate marketing. We'll...
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RealtyJuggler Announces Major Upgrade to RealtyJuggler CRM
FORT COLLINS, CO, USA, March 22, 2024 -- Today, RealOrganized, Inc. announced a major performance upgrade to their flagship RealtyJuggler Real Estate Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). The upgrade completes the transition to a more modern server architecture which is 30% faster than the previous version. This upgrade is applied automatically, as...
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