Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2024

Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2024


March 14, 2024 


Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2024
Real estate agents spend a lot of time on their website design and pay a lot of money for advertisements, but many still struggle with lead generation. Some of them hire content writers and publish articles regularly, but still fail to score viewers to their website. Quality content writing is the ultimate solution to this problem. Nevertheless, one...
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[Podcast] How Property Energy Audits Can Sway Your Clients' Decisions
Many of your clients want to upgrade their home or commercial space to be more energy efficient. But the question is: What do they need to invest in to achieve that goal? Should they replace all their windows? Purchase all-new Energy Star appliances? Install a new HVAC system? Location is a determining factor when deciding which green upgrades will...
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Redfin Expands 'Sign & Save' Program Nationwide
Redfin expanded its Sign & Save program to more than a dozen additional markets this week, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego and San Francisco. With Sign & Save, homebuyers who sign up to work with a Redfin agent before the second tour can get a refund of 0.25 - 0.5% of the purchase price at closing. "With Sign &...
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Become a Prospecting Powerhouse! Use RPR to Find Your Next Client
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 9:00 AM PDT Referrals are great, but sometimes you need to do more! Prospecting and farming are important components of maintaining and building your real estate business. Whether you're interested in reaching potential buyers or potential sellers, there are RPR tools to help you succeed. We'll review several prospecting...
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Realtor.com Adds Three New Climate Risk Factor Scores to Its Website
SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 13, 2024 -- In the United States, 40.4% of homes, valued at $19.7 trillion, are at severe or extreme risk when it comes to heat, wind and air quality. To help consumers make more informed home buying and selling decisions, Realtor.com® announces the launch of three new climate risk factor scores on its website including...
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