25 Tips, Tricks and Resources for Keeping Past Clients

25 Tips, Tricks and Resources for Keeping Past Clients


October 31, 2023 


25 Tips, Tricks and Resources for Keeping Past Clients
You've likely heard that old bit of business wisdom: it's more costly to find a new customer than to keep an existing one. Acquiring new real estate clients typically means spending on marketing and advertising — and it also requires a whole lot of hustle. Your existing clients, however, already know you and trust you, and with a bit of effort to...
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10 Ways a Transaction Coordinator Can Save You Time
Welcome to the world of real estate, where the market can be scarier than a haunted house on Halloween night. For real estate agents, time is precious, and every minute counts. That's where transaction coordinators come in, offering a helping hand to make the lives of real estate professionals less terrifying and more productive. In the spirit of...
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[Podcast] AI and Tech Trends in Real Estate with Jake Hamilton
In this episode, Michael Lucarelli sits down with Jake Hamilton, Chief of Staff at Lone Wolf Technologies, an end-to-end real estate software suite for brokerages and agents. The conversation revolves around the potential of AI in the real estate industry and its practical applications, including speeding up research, extracting critical information...
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Notarize Real Estate Documents Digitally
Multiple dates Learn how real estate agents can notarize documents 10X faster through dotloop's integrations with Notarize. During this webinar, we will cover: What is online notarization? How to set up your Notarize account How to connect your accounts How to notarize documents How to sync documents back to dotloop Best practices Register...
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RESAAS Announces Enterprise Solution for Global Real Estate Brokerages and Agencies
VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 26, 2023 -- RESAAS Services Inc., a leading provider of technology solutions for the real estate industry, has announced the launch of "RESAAS Enterprise," a solution developed specifically for large real estate brokerages and agencies with a global presence. "RESAAS Enterprise" delivers an enhanced version of the award-winning...
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