Running Out of Space? A Dropbox Primer: What Every Agent Needs to Know

Running Out of Space? A Dropbox Primer: What Every Agent Needs to Know


November 21, 2022 


Running Out of Space? A Dropbox Primer: What Every Agent Needs to Know
Is your hard drive running out of storage space? Are you tired of dealing with file size limits when sending emails or losing them in long email threads? Fear not, because the internet has a solution designed specifically to make full drives a thing of the past while maximizing your ability to share your files. Today, hosting most of your files online...
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Remember Single Tasking? Probably Not!
The mobile technology revolution has completely eliminated the single tasking we remember from many of our pre-Palm and pre-Blackberry days. I never want to go back to that time, but rather adjust our life — and more importantly — our brain. Before I get into single tasking, here are facts from people much smarter than me. (Don't believe me? Google...
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What Are Webhooks and Why Are They So Important for Real Estate?
Real estate runs on data. Teams advise their customers about crucial decisions based on their access to up-to-the-minute data. The accuracy and timeliness of MLS data are vitally important to the industry. If you haven't been following developments around MLS data delivery closely, you might not understand exactly how it's changing or what it means...
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The Blueprint to Generate More Seller Leads
Monday, November 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST Some agents make it look like a breeze to secure those oh-so-coveted listings, while others struggle to catch the attention of sellers. Ever wonder why? How you market your business, you use the tools available to connect with your database, and how you market your unique value in a way that matters is how...
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NAR Launches Nationwide Motor Coach Tour to Mobilize Members, Strengthen Voice for US Consumers
CHICAGO (November 15, 2022) – The National Association of Realtors® announced today it will launch a nationwide motor coach tour with coordinated stops or affiliated events planned in every U.S. state over the next year. As its membership numbers approach 1.6 million, NAR is using the opportunity to better engage Realtors® and to emphasize their...
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