WATCH: Conquering Social Media and Lead Generation in Your Market
Is social media a struggle? Do you need help with your online lead generation efforts? Learn from two top trainers exactly what to do to give your real estate business a robust online presence. Stephanie Alfonso and Dylan Handy, Business Development Consultants at Elevate, joined RE Technology for a comprehensive social media training session. Watch the recorded session below to learn the top seven online platforms that agents are underusing, how to leverage them, paid vs. free lead gen traffic, and so much more: Webinar Guests ‍Stephanie Alfonso, Business Development Consultant at Elevate ‍Dylan Handy, Business Development Consultant at Elevate Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 4:48 - Stephanie Alfonso briefly offers background info on Elm Street Technology and Elevate. 7:33 - The ultimate goal of online lead generation. 8:31 - The two types of lead gen traffic: free and paid. 9:33 - What are your social media weaknesses? What are your business strengths? 11:17 - The top seven platforms that agents don't fully utilize in their online marketing strategy. 12:44 - Platform #1: Blogging. Learn blogging's benefits, what to write about, tips and more. 20:37 - Platform #2: Facebook. Learn the difference between business vs. personal profiles, what to post, how to grow your audience, ads vs. boosted posts, and more. 36:36 - Platform #3: Instagram. Learn about business profiles, what to post, leveraging Stories and more. 39:43 - Platform #4: LinkedIn. Find out how to leverage LinkedIn's SEO value, what to post to the Activity Log, getting agent to agent referrals, and more. 42:12 - Platform #5: Twitter. How to reach Millennials, what to post, and more. 43:16 - Platform #6: YouTube. Learn about YouTube's high SEO value, video content to create, and where to share it. 45:27 - Platform #7: Your Website. The importance of your website as the online hub of your business, what a real estate website needs, and more. 47:54 - Online marketing starts with blog posts and integration. 49:53 - What to say on your next listing appointment. 51:19 - Paid lead generation for real estate: the two main sources of leads. 51:33 - Paid search-based marketing, or PPC (pay per click). 54:00 - Comparison between Zillow/ vs. PPC/social media ads. 56:13 - The importance of nurturing leads, and the tools that can help: CRM and email marketing. 57:41 - The one word that best describes a successful online lead generation strategy. 59:56 - What holds real estate agents back from online and social media marketing? 1:01:26 - ‍Dylan Handy on Elevate's all-in-one system that integrates all aspects of your online presence. 1:20:27 - Q&A segment. Next Steps Visit to learn more Email Dylan or Stephanie for more information Read articles about Online Marketing and Social Media, or explore more Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
WATCH: Social Media Advertising Is on Sale! Learn How to Take Advantage
While the coronavirus pandemic has been a stressor for most real estate agents and brokers, there are a few bright spots. Among them are significant decreases in the cost of social media advertising. This is driven by changes in consumer behavior. There are more people sitting at home browsing their social networks (supply), and fewer companies advertising (demand), resulting in lower costs. However, not all social platforms are experiencing the same drop in costs. Waze, for example, is actually getting more expensive because fewer people are driving. So where can real estate pros get the most bang for their buck? That's what we explored in a recent webinar. Tim Condon of Homesnap (and a bunch of enlightening charts and graphs) joined us to explore advertising cost trends across multiple social networks. Watch the webinar recording below to learn how to take advantage of the drop in social advertising prices. Webinar Guests Tim Condon, Chief Revenue Officer, Homesnap Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist. 2:10 - Tim Condon goes over the current state of the real estate market during COVID-19. 4:06 - Homesnap's hypothesis on the connection between changing consumer behavior during the pandemic and lower social advertising costs. 4:50 - A look at the changing costs and amount of clicks on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Waze. 12:00 - Advice to real estate advertisers during COVID-19 regarding where to spend and not to spend your money. 17:01 - How Homesnap is adapting to changing advertising trends and helping agents. 18:14 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps Learn more or talk to a consultant about Homesnap advertising Check to see if your MLS offers Homesnap
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Video: How to Market Yourself on Facebook WITHOUT Annoying Your Friends and Family
If you didn't attend our webinar yesterday, you missed a veritable Facebook extravaganza! Realtor® Shaun Nilsson of CityBlast shared his secrets to marketing on Facebook without annoying your friends and family--and stayed overtime to answer the dozens of questions that poured in. It's safe to say that Facebook is a hot topic among agents and brokers, so if you couldn't attend yesterday's event, don't worry--we recorded it for you. Watch the video below to catch up on what you missed and then click through to the next page to claim an exclusive discount for RE Technology readers.