Homes.com's AI-powered Redesign Aims to Win Consumer Hearts
Real estate buyers have a friendlier way to search for homes, thanks to a recent overhaul of property portal Homes.com. The redesign, which debuted last month, leans heavily on artificial intelligence to deliver slick, new features like conversational search, match scores, camera/photo-based search, and more. We recently took a deep dive into these new features to see how they can benefit your real estate business. During a webinar, we saw how Homes.com is using cutting edge technology to distinguish itself from the "Big 3" property search portals. Watch the recorded webinar below, or check out our notes for a preview of the groundbreaking tech that we learned about. 1. "Human-Like" Search I'm sure you've heard clients or prospects express frustration over their property search tool. Maybe they can't find what they want, are frustrated by the interface or the search results, or are just plain confused. Homes.com looks to upend the hassles of the traditional online search by saying "goodbye" to the old-school search interface and "hello" to conversation-based search. Now, the user experience is guided by natural language that makes consumers feel like they're interacting with their own personal property concierge. This "human-like" experience starts from the Homes.com front page (seen below) and extends throughout the search process. 2. "Match" Score How close is a particular property to a client's ideal home? Homes.com's new "Match" feature makes that easier to find out. It takes a buyer's preferences--including price, location, number of beds/baths, amenities, etc.--into account to determine how well a listing, well, matches their needs. To maximize clicks to a home's listing details page, Homes.com has also launched new, descriptive headlines that are automatically generated by artificial intelligence. 3. Snap & Search We're getting real high tech now. Homes.com's new Snap & Search feature lets buyers find their dream home using only a reference image. Consumers can either snap a picture or upload an image of their ideal home, and Homes.com's AI-powered algorithms will visually search millions of property images to show you similar local listings. 4. HomeShare This feature makes home searching a collaborative affair. Now consumers can share properties with their loved ones and you, their agent. Users can also save listings, leave notes, share messages, and even upvote/downvote properties. Like the rest of the new Homes.com experience, this entire process is guided by friendly, conversational language that makes collaborating easy. Check out the webinar recording above to find out how these new features can help you win new business and better serve your existing clients.
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