WATCH: Real Estate Agents Are Eligible for PPP Loans until May 31
It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on the bottom lines of people and businesses everywhere. Fortunately for real estate agents, there's a ray of hope. Earlier this year, the federal government announced that Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans are now available to independent contractors, which includes real estate agents. What's more, the government extended the application deadline from March 31 to May 31. If you haven't applied for these forgivable loans yet, don't delay! In order to make this process simpler for real estate agents, real estate technology company MooveGuru has teamed up with Blue Acorn and Capital Plus Financial. Now, all you have to do is visit to get the ball rolling. We learned all about the ins and outs of applying for PPP loans in a recent webinar. Watch the recording below to find out what you need to know: Webinar Guests Christina Pappas, Vice President, The Keyes Family of Companies Wendi Iglesias, CIO, The Keyes Family of Companies Scott Oakley, CEO, MooveGuru Eric Donnelly, CEO, Capital Plus Financial Moderator: Victor Lund, CEO and Co-founder, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelists. 1:47 - Scott Oakley shares MooveGuru's role and how they became involved in helping agents apply for PPP loans. 3:08 - Eric Donnelly explains how the government works with SBA lenders to deliver the PPP loan program to businesses and independent contractors. 4:43 - What is required of agents in order to receive a PPP loan? 7:08 - What happens after an agent submits an application? 9:27 - Wendi Iglesias shares their experience in getting Keyes agents to apply for PPP loans. 10:14 - Christina Pappas shares her experience as a broker in working with Keyes agents to get PPP loans and the feedback agents have offered so far. 12:24 - Scott on how the process is going so far, and stats on how many agents have applied for loans and how much money has been awarded. 15:40 - Eric explains the forgivable aspect of PPP loans. 19:55 - Scott notes that they've been receiving up to 10,000 applications each day, so if you need support, visit 21:23 - Agents that haven't applied yet can visit to start the process. 21:58 - Visit for everything else COVID-19 related. 22:42 - Wendi shares information on what may make this process easier for other real estate pros. 25:18 - Eric shares information on the application deadline and the amount of money left in the program. Next Steps To apply for a PPP loan, visit For support questions, visit Register for our next webinar, Being the 'Present Real Estate Agent' Your Clients Deserve
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