Video: The Real Estate Success Showcase

December 17 2014

There are a lot of lead generation and management solutions on the market. It's easy for brokers to spend a lot of money trying out new solutions, but how wisely are you investing your money?

That's what we asked Craig Reger, the principal broker for the Craig Reger GroupCraig Reger Group in Portland, Oregon in our live webinar last week. A self-described "non-tech savvy guy," he shared how he finally found one solution that he considered a wise investment. If you missed the event, you can catch the whole conversation in the video below.

For Reger, it started with a goal. "I had a ceiling achievement of about $35 million, which was approximately 100 units closed. It didn't matter if I worked 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, I just could not break through that ceiling."

Reger started looking at how other top Keller Williams agents had leveraged technology for inspiration on breaking beyond the $35 million mark. Finding technology was easy--what was difficult was finding technology that worked for his company. "We were investing up to $5-10k a month and failing absolutely miserably on it," he says.

A large part of the problem is that even though his brokerage was using all of these different technologies, none of them were making business any easier. "We were creating our own campaigns and our own AdWords, and our own budget," Reger explains. "We were 100% in charge of it and it was really stressful and really quite expensive."

That's when Reger found BoomTownBoomTown. The company took the stress and time Reger's firm spent managing various lead generation platforms and began handling everything for them instead. Reger attributes the success they had with BoomTown to two different factors. One is the BoomTown "Success Manager" assigned to work with Reger's brokerage. Reger describes this person as a coach or dedicated consultant--"one key person we can go to with any situation, with any question that's going to get back with us or answer our phone call promptly to help us be successful."

BoomTown's backend is the second thing that Reger ascribes his firm's new success to. "We spent all of this money in the past years, we generated a bunch of leads from various different opportunities that we were swiping our Visa to create. And we didn't have a back-end support system to help us manage those leads, that told us exactly, Hey, what are they looking at and which ones are the best, and who's online looking right now? And I do confidently believe a lot of the success we're having this year is because we have that backend system and it's making it really easy, even for guys like me who aren't really tech-savvy, to say, Hey, this one seems pretty hot. Let's pick up the phone and call him and try to set up a meeting or show him a house."

Bonus: A Structure for Success

The wise use of technology is part of the road to success, but so is how your company is structured. Reger generously shared how he's set up his team to capitalize on the opportunities BoomTown provides. To hear the details, be sure to watch the webinar recording!

  • 2 Inside Sales Agents
  • 1 Lead Buyer Specialist
  • 2 Listing Specialists
  • 1 Listing Coordinator
  • 1 Administrator
  • 2 Customer Care
  • 1 Transaction Coordinator

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