Video: Winning With Digital Prospecting

July 28 2014

Last week, real estate pros who attended our webinar, "The Game Changer for Real Estate Agents: Winning With Digital Prospecting," discovered what every agent's greatest asset is and how to leverage it.

If you missed the webinar, don't worry. We recorded it for you! To learn more, check out the recording below or click through to our notes on the next page.

According to webinar panelist Barry Friedman, your database of contacts is your most important asset. To be effective, your database should be organized and well-nurtured. This means that you should have all of your clients, prospects, and referral sources in one place--and that you should be keeping in regular contact with them.

If you're a broker, as your company's leader, one of your main jobs is to manage key activities for success. Friedman considers building, organizing, and nurturing your database to be chief among those activities. He offered a few action items for brokers looking to accomplish this:


  • Assign someone responsible for the building the database
  • Set goals, measure results, and report the results
  • Build motivation and provide recognition
  • Utilize contests
  • Show agents how to leverage the database for success


Friedman considers email newsletters to be one of the most important tools for growing a successful database. In order to be successful with email, you must communicate with your contacts in a way that's relevant to them. Friedman's company, email newsletter solution HomeActions, does this by satisfying both long term (stay in touch) and short-term (identify warm leads) content goals.

HomeActions is a set-it-and-forget it email marketing platform that's brandable and easy to customize. Email newsletters are sent every two weeks to your database full of content that valuable to homeowners. Thanks to a robust analytics feature, users are able to use the system to identify prospects who are ready to buy.

How? You're going to have to watch the full webinar to find out. Once you've done that, don't forget to take advantage of HomeActions' limited time offer below.

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