Video: Selling the Sizzle - The One Tool Your Agents Will Actually Use and You Can't Live Without

July 09 2014

Real estate brokers are shifting their company resources from a tradition of supporting agents by marketing listings to supporting them with client servicing tools. No single product supports this shift better than electronic signatures.

On Wednesday, we hosted a live webinar exploring how one e-signature solution, DocuSign, helps brokers do just that. If you are considering transaction management in your business, this is a webinar that you must take the time to review:

In California and many other states, DocuSign is integrated with state and local forms and with DocuSign's new transaction rooms to create a seamless and easy to use transaction management solution.

This RETechinar features San Francisco real estate broker Aaron Wheeler of Oakville Properties who is among the first brokers in America to mandate the use of electronic signatures, forms, and transaction rooms by every agent on every transaction. Wheeler also operates a mortgage company for his firm that also uses these tools.

The resulting effectiveness has supported the firm at reducing costs by $300 per transaction (about $15,0000 per 500 transactions). Moreover, his firm is successfully placing transactions with GSEs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other leading lenders who are all accepting their digital documents.

In addition to the broker benefits, Wheeler indicates that providing DocuSign and Transaction Rooms to all of his agents has supported his company in recruiting and agent retention. "These are core tools to real estate agents today," says Wheeler. "They are as important and as vital as the MLS in our business." Wheeler speaks highly of his ability to review agent transactions as they happen. "I get alerts whenever anything is happening in a transaction so I can stay with or ahead of my agents."

Wheeler was joined by technology expert Jon Martin of DocuSign who provided webinar attendees with a live demo of the newly released DocuSign Transaction Rooms that Oakville Properties uses. This responsive design application works on all Internet connected devices, giving agents the opportunity to be productive by processing transactions in their office or on any mobile device anywhere, anytime.