What Serious Buyers Want: Local Market Knowledge

April 09 2014

Did you miss the kick-off of our October webinar series on Tuesday? We teamed up with Florida broker Richard EimersRichard Eimers and VOW provider Quantum Leads to explore how giving customers what they want--more data--is the key to capturing more leads.

While consumers may start their search on big portals like Zillow and Trulia, studies showstudies show that serious home buyers prefer sites run by local real estate professionals. Why? Because consumers that are ready to buy are looking for genuine knowledge of the local market that the portals' generic AVMs simply can't provide.

Watch the webinar above to learn more about an easy way to give consumers the data they're looking for, or check out our notes on the next page.

Prior to using Quantum Leads, Richard Eimers worked with three third-party IDX solutions. They were all fine, he told us during the webinar, despite his feeling that there was still something missing. "Really, the only question they were addressing was what's for sale. I found that the needs and the desires of the buyers as we spoke to them after they came into the office is that they wanted more information."

And information is exactly what a website like Quantum Leads provides--info on active, pending, sold, and even expired listings. For any property, a Virtual Office Website can provide complete data, including when the seller came on the market, at what price, how many times they listed, and more.

"That makes for a more intelligent buyer," Eimers said. "The buyer that comes into our office when with depth and wealth of information makes our jobs much better. Rather than showing them 20 properties, we're showing them six properties, and when they come in, they're ready to buy. When they're in and they've looked at those properties, they already have a sense of value. We don't have to sit there and re-educate them--they're educated. They know what the competing properties have sold for. So when we write an offer, we're not writing lowball offers, we're writing reasonable offers and we can negotiate these things. We can negotiate fast and easy. It is an unbelievable pleasure to work with knowledgeable buyers."

VOWs can be useful to sellers, too. "We have found many times that sellers have been coming to these websites and they're becoming knowledgeable about, Oh, this is why my property didn't sell," Eimers explained. "We can talk to them more intelligently also. I think that education has been the most important part of it."

The consumer facing side of Virtual Office Websites is only one half of the story, though. Quantum Leads offers brokers the ability to manage their leads and their agent all from one back-end solution. You can learn more in our product review, or watch the webinar for a live demo..

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