How Cartavi and DocuSign Can Take Your Service to the Next Level

April 10 2014

This morning, hundreds of agents and brokers attended our webinar, "Get Mobile. Get Paperless. Take Your Service to the Next Level with Cartavi and DocuSign." A live demonstration on desktop, tablet, and phone showed attendees how these two integrated solutions can streamline your real estate business.

If you weren't able to make it, no worries--we recorded the webinar for you! Check out our video below to view the entire presentation, then click through to the next page to see our notes and learn how to claim exclusive discounts from Cartavi and DocuSign.

The Cartavi and Docusign partnership empowers real estate professionals to manage all their transactions from start to finish from anywhere, on any device. It can be competitive in today's low inventory market--being responsive is important. If a client calls and needs to see an appraisal document, you can access that document from your smartphone or tablet and instantly share it with them.

Cartavi acts as the hub for the entire transaction. Each property has its own "transaction room" where you can store all related documents and invite all involved parties to join (see the example below). Granular permissions let you choose who sees what document. With Docusign's best-in-class eSignature functionality ported in, you can easily manage a sale from start to close.