Introducing DocuSign's New Broker Platform

March 27 2014

Yesterday, brokers across the nation attended our webinar, "Brokers, Accelerate Your Business with DocuSign for Real Estate." Guest Glenn Shimkus, former Cartavi co-founder and current VP of Product Management at DocuSign, showed us a live demo of the company's new broker solution.

If you weren't able to attend the webinar, no worries--we recorded it for you! Check out the video below to view the entire presentation, then click through to the next page to read our notes.

Our webinar provided one of the first looks into DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition. The new solution integrates "transaction rooms" into DocuSign's eSignature platform, giving users the ability to manage, share, eSign, and store transaction documents entirely within DocuSign.

The transaction rooms were once part of Cartavi, a transaction management solution that DocuSign acquired last year. Cartavi has been completely integrated into the DocuSign brand, and during our webinar, Shimkus introduced attendees to the new broker dashboard.

Features of DocuSign's Broker Edition include:

  • Ownership and oversight of all data and documents in every transaction
  • Manage your agents and staff with real time visibility
  • A way to track how individual agents, offices, and regions are growing your brokerage via flexible reporting tools
  • A single centralized library to distribute forms, marketing brochures, presentation templates, and more
  • A way to stay on top of listing dates, pricing changes, contract, expected closing dates, and beyond
  • An easy method to review and approve transactions
  • Incorporation of company logos and information for branding purposes

There are many more features available, too--like the ability to compare revenue, closings, and agent rankings.

To learn more, view our webinar or visit DocuSign's websiteDocuSign's website.