How to Get Started With Online Ads in Just 15 Minutes a Week

March 04 2014

This morning, hundreds of agents and brokers joined RE Technology and AdWerx for one of our most well-received webinars in recent memory. Attendees received tips and best practices for creating ads on Facebook, Google, and AdWerx.

Check out the full recording below then flip to the next page for our notes and an exclusive offer for RE Technology members.

"I hate webinars where you learn a lot of theory, but don't really have anything actionable to take away," says Jed Carlson, CEO of AdWerx. Fortunately, agents who logged on to our webinar received plenty of practical advice for creating ads and targeting consumers who are ready to buy.


Facebook was the first of three advertising platforms that webinar attendees learned about. Each platform plays to different needs. Facebook, for example, works best for individual agents and small offices or brokerages because it requires less money to reach your target audience.

"Target" is an important word here. AdWerx Product Marketing Strategist Clayton Gladieux showed us just how to create an ad that targets only qualified consumers. "The target audience for your ad is people who are in the market for real estate. ... With a little extra thought and some legwork you can get a more refined audience than just the general public using Facebook's targeting options."

Clayton showed us how to target consumers by geography, age, interest, and demographics. Viewers also learned how to set up an ad spend budget and bid type. View the recording for more details.

adwerx webinar fb

Google AdWords

Next, we learned about Google AdWords. This is a more complex program with a steeper learning curve than Facebook, according to Mike O'Rourke, AdWerx Associate Product Manager.

"AdWords tends to work better for real estate firms, large offices, or agents with enough marketing budget that they can afford to lose money in the short term to sort out what works and what doesn't to win in the long term," says Mike. "With AdWords, the more money you spend, the more you'll get back (eventually). So if you want to try AdWords, ensure you have the time and the money to invest in your success."

Mike gave attendees a strategic outline of an AdWords campaign that included generating ad creative, geographic targeting, suggested keywords, budgeting, and more. View the recording to learn more.


We concluded the webinar by learning more about AdWerx. Have you ever noticed that certain ads seem to follow you online? You visit a certain brand's site once, and then you see their ad on various places across the web for days or weeks after. This is called retargeting and it's one of the most effective forms of online advertising available today. AdWerx is a platform that offers this kind of advertising to real estate pros. CEO Jed Carlson explains:

"AdWerx is an advertising system that allows you to target local prospects by zipcode. You tell us the zipcodes that you want to reach people in and we find them, and then we qualify them by locating the people that are 'in the market' for real estate, based on what they are doing online--the actual behaviors they are exhibiting. So it might be that they're visiting listing sites, using a mortgage calculator, or researching moving companies. ... Once we've found the specific people in your area that are in the market for real estate based on what they're doing online, we then take your ad and we follow those people wherever they go on the web."

Though AdWerx offers sophisticated behavioral targeting, its simple to use. The platform lets agents generate ads and select zipcodes to target in just a few minutes via a user-friendly interface. Once you're up and running, 15 minutes a week is all you need to (at most!) to deliver effective advertising to a qualified local audience. To learn more, view the webinar recording.

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