WATCH: How to Build Lifelong Client Relationships

June 22 2022

The signs of a market downturn have made themselves known: soaring interest rates and falling home sales. But there's no need to panic, especially if you've taken care to build long-term relationships with your clients.

It's all about building genuine, human relationships with your database, as we explored in a recent webinar. Josh Flo, real estate team lead at eXp Realty, shared his strategies for doing just that, as well as the technology that gives him a leg up on his competition.

Watch the webinar below to learn everything from how to provide value to your clients, to anticipating consumer needs, to leveraging lead concierge services, and more.

Webinar Guests

  • Josh Flo, Team Lead, Flo Real Estate Brokered by eXp Realty
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist.

1:52 - Josh Flo shares why building lifelong relationships is important to your real estate business.

3:45 - Providing undeniable values to your clients.

6:18 - Finding the balance between building in-person relationships and using automation tools.

8:20 - Anticipating consumer needs in the era of COVID, high interest rates, and more.

11:00 - Creating a seamless click-to-close experience.

14:58 - How to turn clients into raving fans.

16:54 - What's a lead concierge service?

24:52 - How to ensure no leads get left behind.

27:48 - How to organize your database and leverage it effectively.

31:03 - Josh shares time management for those who believe they're "too busy" to manage leads.

37:54 - Strategies for nurturing long-term relationships.

49:19 - Josh shares what made him decide that he needed to run his business differently, and why he chose BoomTown.

51:46 - Why a down market is NOT the time to ditch your systems and processes.

Next Steps