WATCH: How to Massively Improve Your Lead Conversions in 2021

March 16 2021

There's certainly a method to achieving a crazy level of real estate success, and Lindsey DellaSalla has found it. Her team has grown from 50 homes sold in 2015 to an anticipated 1500 sales in 2021.

Her secret? Old-fashioned consistency and discipline combined with modern-day technology that keeps her team on track and ensures their database is engaged.

In a recent webinar, Lindsey shared the lead flows, technology, coaching, and recruiting strategies that have propelled her team to 30x growth. To learn her secrets, watch the webinar recording below:

Webinar Guests

  • Lindsey DellaSalla, Owner, The DJ & Lindsey Team
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist.

3:23 - Lindsey DellaSalla shares how being methodical resulted in 30x sales growth since 2015.

10:10 - Lindsey walks us through her team's procedure to convert new leads:

boomtown webinar lindsey lead flow

19:00 - How long it took for Lindsey and her team to find a system that worked for them.

21:15 - How Lindsey recruits and screens agents to ensure they "fit" with the team's procedures and systems.

26:07 - How to encourage and motivate agents to keep using the CRM and stick with processes.

31:33 - Lindsey answers audience questions.

36:02 - Prioritizing which leads to contact, and organizing your database.

40:26 - Lindsey walks us through a typical 8-hour day for her agents.

45:02 - What should salespeople STOP doing?

46:10 - How to build team camaraderie remotely during COVID.

49:37 - Lindsey on the BoomTown features that have powered her team's growth.

54:11 - Lindsey explains her agent onboarding process.

55:21 - Strategies to get new listings in today's low inventory market, according to Lindsey.

58:20 - The best ways to get the most out of whatever CRM you use.

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