WATCH: Introducing Chirp, the New Relationship Software from Happy Grasshopper

November 13 2020

We all know that real estate is a relationship business. And we all know the things we "should" do to maintain our relationships--call past clients, send them emails, reach out by text--but it's not always easy to find the time or motivation to do these things.

Enter Chirp, a new relationship platform from Happy Grasshopper. Each year, Chirp sends out 17 "non-salesy" emails, 6-12 conversation starting texts, and 6-12 friendly ringless voicemails to your database to nurture your relationship with your contacts.

We learned all about Chirp in a recent webinar and how one top Realtor uses it to build his relationships—and his business. Check out the webinar below (and make sure you watch through to the end to see the impromptu guitar duet)!

Webinar Guests

  • Dan Stewart, CEO, Happy Grasshopper
  • Randall Martin, top producer at CB&A REALTORS®
  • Chris Drayer, CEO and Founder, Revaluate
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the panelists.

1:15 - Dan Stewart introduces the topic and emphasizes the importance of relationships.

5:51 - Randall Martin shares how much of his business comes from cultivating relationships.

9:01 - The issues behind agent adoption of broker-provided technology.

15:01 - Randall explains what happens when he sends out a "Chirp" from Happy Grasshopper.

18:00 - Dan shares the genesis of Chirp and what it does for brokers and agents.

20:50 - Chris Drayer on how Revaluate's integration with Happy Grasshopper helps agents identify contacts that are ready to move.

23:27 - Dan gives us a live demo of Chirp.

33:38 - The difference between campaigns for new leads vs. existing contacts.

35:20 - Randall shares the analytics that his Chirp campaigns see.

43:24 - Dan on what Happy Grasshopper offers brokerages.

47:20 - Chris on how Revaluate works within Happy Grasshopper to identify those most likely to move.

49:54 - Q&A session.

57:23 - How to learn more about Chirp, or sign-up for the service.

1:00:30 - Dan and Randall wrap things up with an impromptu guitar session!

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