WATCH: Connect with Clients During a Life-Changing Event

October 28 2020

Wouldn't it be nice to know which contacts in your database need a real estate agent right now? Thanks to technology powered by artificial intelligence, that's no longer a pipe dream--that's today's reality.

This week, we hosted a webinar that explored a new player on this scene, Lead Scoring 360 from HomeActions. Lead Scoring 360 can help real estate professionals identify warm leads--including those who are going through a major life event like a marriage, divorce, birth, death, and beyond.

Watch the recorded webinar below to learn how this AI-powered technology can predict which leads you should reach out to next:

Webinar Guests

  • Albert Clark, President, HomeActions
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist.

1:40 - Albert Clark on how building relationship capital using email marketing and artificial intelligence can help you focus your efforts on warm leads in your database.

2:28 - An introduction on how HomeActions works and how it can help real estate pros identify warm leads.

26:19 - How to position yourself to help those going through life changes—divorce, death, birth, etc.—using HomeActions' latest product, Lead Scoring 360, an AI-powered marketing tool.

28:35 - How Lead Scoring 360's 'Move Score' predicts who is most likely to move in the next 3-6 months.

34:17 - Albert shares how HomeActions' subscription model works and answers audience questions.

1:00:40 - How to learn more about HomeActions and Lead Scoring 360.

Next Steps