[VIDEO] Growing the real estate client relationship: Connecting opportunity, community and reality capture

December 03 2019

By now, most real estate agents and brokerages know what a 3D virtual tour is. They've likely either captured their own listings with a technology like Matterport or at least walked through a virtual tour online.

But did you know that there are more opportunities for drumming up new real estate business with 3D tours than just scanning new listings?

In a recent webinar, we explored how real estate agents and brokerages are strengthening their community ties (and passively earning business) by capturing local spaces like breweries, churches, schools, recreational facilities, and beyond.

Watch the recording to learn how real estate professionals are broadening their reach with their innovative uses of Matterport 3D reality capture.

Webinar Guests

  • Charles Nitschke, Chief Integration Officer, Sotheby's Tomlinson Group
  • Lisa Larkin, Designated Broker, RE/MAX
  • Jay Acker, Realtor and Owner, Real Estate by Design/Keller Williams
  • Gregory Youngblood, Director of Product, Matterport
  • Moderator: Victor Lund, Co-founder and CEO, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelists.

4:25 - Gregory Youngblood on Matterport's mission to "create a digital twin for every built space on the planet" and the promotional potential of digital twins.

6:50 - How the agent-client relationship is different from just a few years ago, and how agents can keep up. An overview of the evolution of the modern home buying process.

8:57 - How community connections and events add to the client experience and reinvent the way agents reach their market.

9:55 - Creating passive business: lead generation and local event participation.

10:19 - Jay Acker on how community events have been lead generation opportunities for his brokerage. Their sphere and community involvement have increased by 25% in the last four years.

16:29 - Acker on how his firm used Matterport content to engage local businesses and the community.

19:04 - A peek inside Matterport's digital twin toolbox: Measurement, Mattertags, embedded media.

23:37 - Charles Nitschke on how his brokerage leverages scans of local schools.

27:06 - Lisa Larkin on how her company leverages scans of local art and galleries.

29:24 - The benefits of capturing local event and recreational spaces.

31:19 - The benefits of capturing local places of worship.

33:43 - Hosting client events and driving referral business, featuring the 24/7 open house.

35:55 - Lisa Larkin on using Matterport for relocation business, earning referrals.

37:42 - Charles on how they use Matterport to connect with peers at conferences. For example, they recently went to Inman Connect Las Vegas and scanned the whole trade show floor and gained many new connections from it.

40:04 - How to turn engagement with Matterport reality captures into repeat and referral business.

41:21 - How scanning your brokerage's office can connect you with real estate consumers.

44:00 - Making the most of an event strategy with social media.

46:49 - The real estate social media farming cycle.

50:48 - Using Matterport to increase sight-unseen home buying opportunities.

54:27 - Question and answer segment.

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