WATCH: Win Over Sellers and Close More Listings with This Tech Tool

May 30 2019

From wowing sellers during listing presentations, to increasing sight-unseen offers, to increasing your speed to market, there's a marketing technology that can turbocharge essential aspects of your business.

We're talking about 3D virtual tours--and during a recent webinar, we took an exhaustive look at all they have to offer. We were joined by representatives from Amy Kite Realty, who gave us first-hand insight into how their business is winning new clients and closing deals faster, thanks to Matterport.

If you missed the webinar, no worries. We recorded it for you! Check out the video (and our notes) below:

Webinar Guests

  • Dan Bennett, Marketing and Systems Head, Amy Kite Realty
  • Jessica Griffiths, Photographer, Amy Kite Realty
  • Mark Tepper, Vice President, Matterport
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists.

3:07 - An overview of all the marketing assets that Matterport offers from just one shoot: 3D virtual tour, virtual reality, single property listing site, floor plans and 3D measurement, high definition photography, social sharing.

4:23 - Dan Bennett shares how Amy Kite Realty uses Matterport, and how it helps them differentiate from competitors.

5:19 - Bennett shares the impact on sellers when Matterport is included in a listing presentation.

6:52 - How Matterport reduces time to offer on home. Buyer confidence is key.

12:10 - How Matterport can work as a 24/7 open house. Buyers are able to narrow down properties or features they're interested in in advance, saving time on unnecessary showings or revisits.

15:10 - Bennett shares how Matterport helps his company close more deals with fewer hiccups.

16:40 - Amy Kite Realty has already seen an increase in sight-unseen sales on listings that have Matterport. This helps with investor clients as well, especially with floor plans.

18:34 - Bennett shares a story about a military family who relocated to their area. Amy Kite Realty sent them Matterport tours to help them find a home--and the client had the company write up an offer immediately after viewing the tours.

22:50 - A look at the statistics related to Amy Kite Realty's use of Matterport tours. They gained over 100,000 impressions across web in just under a year.

24:46 - How Matterport helps Amy Kite Realty's clients find their listings, and how social media helps drive traffic.

27:11 - Bennett says that his company say a 2x increase in time on pages with Matterport tours versus listings with just photos. This boosts interest in listings, and also improves their SEO.

32:02 - Bennett shares a listing success story driven by Matterport tours.

35:48 - Amy Kite Realty photographer Jessica Griffiths talks about the transition to the new Matterport camera, efficiency, and how Matterport reduced her editing time by 90%.

44:11 - How Matterport can increase your speed to market.

48:17 - How Amy Kite Realty uses all the different Matterport assets in their business. How it differentiates them in the market, and aids in recruiting.

55:11 - Question and answer segment.

Next Steps

  • To learn more, visit Matterport's website.
  • Check out matterport.com/resources for free marketing materials and more.
  • Questions? Contact Matterport at 888-993-8990 for answers.