WATCH: Build the Business of Your Dreams with a Next-Gen CRM

November 29 2018

What are your income goals for 2019? It's one thing to wish for more commissions in the year ahead, but it's an entirely different thing to have a course of action laid out for achieving those goals.

In a recent webinar, we saw a live demo of a tool that can help. Real estate CRM IXACT Contact overhauled their interface this year, and one of the new features of the program is a goal setting module where agents can set their income goals, and the system will tell them exactly how many transactions they need to close every month, how many leads they need to win, how many past clients they should reach out to, and more.

Of course, that's just a small part of how IXACT Contact can help you manage—and grow—your business. Want to see how else it can prepare you for a kick-ass year ahead? Check out the webinar recording below—and don't forget to scroll to the end of this article to find out how you can claim an extended free trial of IXACT Contact.

Webinar Guests

  • Shannon McGee, Sales Executive, IXACT Contact
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the webinar topic and guest.

1:15 - Shannon McGee on the first step to building the business of your dreams: defining what your dreams are and outlining actionable steps to achieve them.

2:30 - Marilyn shares recent research from WAV Group that surveyed brokerages for their opinion on what the most important CRM benefits are.

5:03 - Marilyn shows results from WAV Group's survey on which types of CRMs brokers offer.

6:15 - Shannon talks about how IXACT Contact can help you build the business of your dreams.

7:05 - Live demo of IXACT Contact's interface.

8:26 - Shannon talks about setting goals—specifically income goals for 2019—and how IXACT's Goal Setting feature makes this simple.

12:14 - Shannon gives us a brief tour of the other modules/widgets available on IXACT Contact's dashboard: Appointments, Tasks, Business Pipeline, Active Listings and Buyers, Prospective Buyers, Active Business Snapshot, Original Source Reporting, Repeat and Referral Business.

13:58 - The demo continues with a look at IXACT Contact's Activity Plans. These include Marketing Activity Plans and Listing Activity Plans, and include pre-written campaigns that can be customized and sent out from IXACT's system.

22:30 - Shannon shows how to configure "Keep in Touch" activities.

32:10 - A closer look at IXACT's built-in Business Pipeline.

35:50 - Shannon shows us the lead-generating real estate websites that are included with an IXACT Contact subscription.

39:55 - Overview of Social Stream, an add-on social media management service from IXACT Contact.

44:30 - Shannon shows us the Active Business model, which helps keep you on track once you've closed leads and won new business.

48:34 - Brief recap of the features and benefits we've seen and learned about today.

51:40 - "Where's the proof?" Shannon shares reviews and customer testimonials of IXACT Contact.

52:51 - How much does IXACT Contact cost? An overview of the program's value and price.

53:45 - Shannon reveals an exclusive offer for RE Technology readers.

54:10 - Question and answer segment.

A Special Offer for RE Technology Readers

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