[Video] Inside IXACT Contact's 'Next Gen' Redesign

July 31 2018

 What is your income goal for this year and what is your plan for attaining this goal? How about your business pipeline? Do you know where each of your clients are in the transaction process--and which prospects are your hottest?

Last week, we took a live look at a solution that can manage and track all of these things--and so much more. During a recent webinar, "Discover How a Next Gen CRM is Changing the Real Estate Game," we got a peek at the newly redesigned IXACT Contact.

We toured the new user interface, the extensive marketing capabilities, and the just-launched features of IXACT Contact that are helping agents work their database and win new business. Plus, we learned about a special offer that's exclusively available to RE Technology readers!

Did you miss the webinar? Then check out the video replay below:

Webinar Guests

  • Shannon McGee, Sales Executive, IXACT Contact
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist.

1:59 - Shannon McGee explains what the "next generation of CRM" means. Starts off by conducting a few quick polls for attendees.

5:10 - What is a real estate CRM? Shannon talks about how a real estate specific CRM differs from a standard CRM.

6:00 - What is IXACT Contact? An overview of what makes it unique, what sets it apart, and a quick rundown of its features.

9:30 - Live demo of IXACT Contact's platform. Tour of the Dashboard.

13:27 - The demo continues with a look at IXACT's email marketing capabilities: Keep in Touch feature, professionally written monthly eNewsletter, mass emails with customizable templates, email campaign reporting, and more.

20:22 - Next, Shannon shows us Marketing Activity Plans. These feature pre-written marketing plans that are customizable, and you can also create your own. Examples of plans: 2-year seller prospecting plan, 4-month high touch buyer prospecting plan, 5-year sphere of influence nurturing plan.

31:05 - The demo continues with a look at IXACT's social media add-on, Social Stream. It auto-posts to your Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn profiles. Social Stream's posts drive consumers to content on lead capture pages, which then drips leads into your CRM database.

35:18 - Tour of the included agent website. Shannon shows us live customer examples. IXACT Contact websites include professional written content, a blogging module, customization capabilities, team websites. IDX property search is available as an add-on service.

41:26 - Next, we get a glimpse at how to customize the Dashboard, and learn about the new Business Pipeline feature, and the Prospecting Activities panel where you can quickly identify hot prospects.

46:00 - Tour of the Goal Setting feature. Here, you can set income goals for any set time period. The system will then calculate how much time you need to spend on various lead generation activities (listing presentations, phone calls, referrals) each week. Shows YTD goals and current progress, too.

51:52 - Shannon gives a look at IXACT's Original Source Reporting feature. IT sports a colorful graph that shows you where your leads are coming from, and closed transactions by original source. This helps you understand the ROI of your lead sources.

53:04 - Overview of IXACT's customer support. This includes their free Concierge setup service. IXACT makes it easy to switch to their system by transferring all of your contacts/data from your old CRM. Concierge service also includes setting up your monthly newsletter, marketing activity plans, and real estate website.

54:41 - How much does IXACT Contact cost? Plus, Shannon reveals an exclusive offer for RE Technology subscribers.

56:54 - Final question and answer segment.

A Special Offer for RE Technology Readers

For a limited time, RE Technology readers can get an extended free trial of IXACT Contact. Claim your FREE 60-day trial at ixactcontact.com/RETECH, or use code "RETECH" on any sign-up form on their website.

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