Data Driven Marketing: How to Win More Listings with Today's Hottest Tech

July 30 2018

Which consumers in your market are most likely to sell their home? If you knew the answer to this question, think how much money you could save on lead generation.

Well, good news: you can know the answer to this question, thanks to a technology known as predictive analytics. Predictive analytics combines big data and machine learning to identify the homeowners most likely to sell in your area. With this knowledge in hand, agents can narrowly target their marketing efforts towards just those consumers--saving a ton of time and money in return.

We recently co-hosted a webinar with a company that provides predictive analytics to the real estate industry. During the webinar, we learned how SmartZip pairs highly accurate predictions with customizable marketing materials to help real estate agents identify and approach sellers leads long before their competition does.

If you missed the webinar, don't worry--we recorded it for you! Check out the webinar below to learn how data-driven marketing can help you win more listings:

Webinar Guests

  • Tristan Ahumada, Douglas Elliman agent and co-founder of Lab Coat Agents
  • Adam Long, National Sales Director at SmartZip
  • Moderator: Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelists.

3:50 - Intro to guest panelist Tristan Ahumada, a "techy" agent and founder of Lab Coat Agents. Works in Ventura and Los Angeles counties, in business 14 for years, and leverages SmartZip for lead generation.

6:40 - Tristan talks about the technology his team invests in, including Facebook and Google ads, combined with open houses, door knocking, etc.

10:15 - Tristan on the biggest question he gets from agents about SmartZip. He explains why SmartZip has to be part of a bigger plan, not the only thing agents and teams use.

11:40 - His team's strategy for succeeding with Facebook, and why you should target a small area, not a huge, unmanageable one. Quality vs. quantity.

15:24 - The responses/results his team gets from leveraging SmartZip. Says he didn't expect to get as many calls or home valuation inquiries as he did.

19:33 - Tristan shares an anecdote about how SmartZip worked for his team on a $12 million Malibu listing, and how they worked it with their quality marketing materials.

24:40 - Tristan shares his advice to agents on using SmartZip.

27:30 - Adam Long shares SmartZip's backstory and why predictive analytics is so effective for lead generation.

30:10 - Adam explains the difference between big data and machine learning, and how they work.

31:50 - How predictive analytics can reduce your costs by targeting a smaller geographic farm with a higher rate of turnover. SmartZip helps agents identify and target only those homes most likely to sell.

32:55 - How does SmartZip predict which homes are most likely to turn over? Adam talks about how SmartZip uses 2000+ attributes from 25 data sources, including public records, mortgage data, and lease consumer data.

35:25 - Once likely-sell-homes are identified, SmartZip helps you put your brand everywhere via integrated marketing assets. These include landing pages, digital ads, letters, postcard, monthly emails with home trends reports, and a concierge calling program for cold calls.

49:12 - Question and answer segment.

58:25 - Tristan shares his top three tips for how to get the best lead conversion rates with SmartZip.

1:00:10 - Adam shares how to get more information on SmartZip, and shares a special offer for RE Technology subscribers.

Next Steps