[VIDEO] How to Delight 91% of Your Agents and Sellers without Lifting a Finger

October 29 2017

Real estate consumers are increasingly savvy. According to NAR, over 50 percent of sellers ask if agents can digitally promote their home.

"Agents don't necessarily have a good answer to that question," says West Hubbard, Director of Business Development at Adwerx. But if brokers can help their agents answer that question, it can make big impact on not just their agents' success at winning listing, but recruiting and retention for brokers

West joined us last week for a live webinar on how automated listing ads can help your firm win more listings and attract and retain top performing agents. He shared how brokerages that provide digital ads can expect to see a 400 percent increase in their brand's exposure online.

How? Check out the webinar recording below to learn more.

Webinar Guests

  • West Hubbard, Director of Business Development at Adwerx
  • Jay Hall, VP of Business Development at Adwerx
  • Moderator: Lauren Smith, Sales Consultant at RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Introduction to the topic and speakers.

0:32 - West Hubbard, Director of Business Development at Adwerx, shares background on Adwerx. The company was founded in May 2013, and today serves over 85,000 clients.

1:35 - West talks about shifts in the real estate market, including tight inventory, and changing seller expectations. Sellers now demand digital marketing for their homes. Also, the recruiting and retention are more challenging than ever, and too many agents are overwhelmed by technology.

2:57 - The brokerage perspective on marketing. "You're spending most of your marketing dollars on brand awareness," says West. "On top of the funnel getting the firm's name out there." Most common brokerage subsidized form of marketing is print, and agents are left to do digital promotion. Agents aren't digital marketing experts, however.

3:55 - Adwerx took all the questions they were getting from brokerages on whether they could help agents market homes better and built out a fully automated solution. Adwerx Enterprise integrates with your listing data feed, automatically builds digital ads for Facebook and the web, and then shows those ads thousands of times to potential home buyers, the seller, and your agent. It gives your agents a very strong answer to "What are you going to do for my listing?" without them lifting a finger. The solution offers complete end-to-end automation.

4:40 - Step-by-step look at how Adwerx generates and distributes ads.

8:00 - Agents (and their brokerage) get reporting on ad performance daily or weekly. Adwerx also serves the ads to your agents, too, to helps them better understand digital marketing.

8:55 - Demo of the Adwerx interface.

10:01 - A look at the agent's experience with Adwerx--from notification that new ads have been generation, to ad editing capabilities, and more.

14:22 - The seller experience. Sellers receive ad reporting info, too, and can share their home's advertisement on social media.

16:18 - How automatic ad generation benefits your brokerage, sellers, and your agents.

18:21 - Real world statistics on how Adwerx benefits brokerages. Eighty-four percent of agents say they are more likely to stay with firm, 91 percent of agents are happy that broker provides automated listing ads, 98 percent of agents believe it will help them win more listings.

19:55 - Case study on brokerage in Chicago who uses Adwerx. They automated a single week of marketing per listing, with sellers automatically notified and shown ads. Within eight months, delivered 47 million impressions and 144,000 clicks. Huge brand exposure. Agents loved it so much, that many of them were extending campaigns, creating additional sphere ads and doubling brokerage impressions.

21:24 - What automating digital ads will do for your online reach--you can expect to see a 400 percent increase in your digital exposure (over not doing ads). "Halo effect" of agents buying additional ads beyond the initial one-week run nets up 1000% increase in impressions/online presence.

22:23 - How Adwerx Enterprise works with brokerages, from customization to launch.

24:07 - Question and answer segment.

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