[Video] The Secret Ingredient for a Record Breaking Year

September 22 2017

"If an Apple data scientist and a US intelligence analyst had a baby, and that baby went into real estate marketing," it would look a lot like predictive marketing tool TotomicTotomic. At least that's how Totomic CEO Chris Weltzien describes it.

It's a fair assessment — Totomic sifts through thousands of consumer and property data points to create a highly accurate profile of your listing's ideal buyer. The platform then lets you target ads to local prospects who match that profile. This means you spend money only on those most likely to buy, and save money compared to campaigns with a less precisely targeted audience.

Weltzien joined us for a recent webinar, along with Greg Sundberg of Moxi WorksMoxi Works, a back office platform that connects over 30 different broker tools, including Totomic. Together, they showed how connecting high-end consumer intelligence to your ecosystem of existing tech tools can win more deals for your firm and set you on the path to a winning 2018.

Did you miss the live webinar? No worries, you can check out the video recording below. Hear what Weltzien, Sundberg, and brokerage executives Jessica Frushtick of Pacific Union and Ryan Hildebrant of Seven Gables Real Estate in Orange County, Calif. have to say about creating a record-breaking year.

Webinar Guests

  • Jessica Frushtick, VP of Marketing, Pacific Union International
  • Ryan Hildebrant, IT Director, Seven Gables Real Estate
  • Chris Weltzien, CEO, Totomic
  • Greg Sundberg, VP of Marketing, Moxi Works
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Introduction and introduction of panelists.

2:18 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson on a problem many brokers face: multiple useful tools that are often disconnected from each other.

3:35 - Greg Sundberg, VP of Marketing for Moxi Works takes the mic. Sundberg explains how Moxi Works manages broker data across multiple tools from different vendors by plugging them all into a common platform: Moxi Works.

7:55 - Chris Weltzien, CEO of Totomic takes the mic. He explains how Totomic sifts through massive amounts of data to make to make connections that drive value for brokerages.

9:57 - Weltzien on Totomic's "Best Buyer" service, which uses predictive analytics to identify the most likely buyer for a specific listing. Weltzien says agents can use these in listing presentations.

12:36 - Weltzien on Totomic's "Ad Buyer" service, which empowers agents to purchase targeted, listing-specific ads within a matter of minutes. They're seeing results that triples their clients' ad click-thru rate rate at one-third of the cost.

20:53 - Ryan Hildebrant, IT Director for Seven Gables Real Estate takes the mic. They use Moxi Engage (CRM), Moxi Present (CMA), Moxi Agent websites, and Totomic, all integrated together. "We can take something like Totomic and work it in to [our agents'] CMA platform in Moxi Present. Our agents take their perfect Best Buyer Report and they add that to their CMA when they go out on a presentation."

34:20 - Jessica Frushtick, VP of Marketing at Pacific Union InternationalPacific Union International takes the mic. Pacific Union leverages Moxi Present and Totomic together. They offer a "white glove approach" where brokerage staff puts together Best Buy Reports for their agents "so they go empowered into this listing presentation with empirical data, facts, things that are powering them to speak about the property."

43:45 - Question and answer segment.

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