[Video] Grow Your Business by Growing Your Referrals

February 02 2017

You already know how important referrals are to your real estate business—and recently, we showed you 65 places you can find more referrals.

refex webinar ginger childsLast week, we took things a step further in a live webinar featuring top producing agent Ginger Childs of RE/MAX Achievers, Inc. in Collegeville, Penn. Ginger walked us through each category of referral sources and offered her favorite tricks for making connections and drumming up new business.

If you missed the webinar, don't worry—we've embedded the replay video below! Even better? We took notes for you in case you don't have time to watch the full recording. Check out our summary on the next page to learn exactly what time to advance to in the video to get the information you want most.

And don't miss the free, downloadable guides at the end of this article. The webinar's co-host, ReferralExchange, is offering RE Technology readers a free referral planner and a guide to all 65 of the aforementioned referral sources (tip: print it out and hang it near your desk).

In this webinar, the list of 65 sources where you can find referrals is grouped into categories. We've listed where in the video each category is talked about below. Advance to that time to hear Ginger's tips and tricks for winning referrals in that category!

7:05 - Group 1:  Friends, Families, Acquaintances

12:10 - Group 2:  Not-so-Chance Encounters

16:53 - Group 3:  Professional Contacts

19:02 - Group 4:  Service Contacts

19:47 - Group 5:  Business Focused

24:00 - Group 6:  Organizations, Associations, Groups

28:28 - Group 7:  Corporate Relocation/Partnership

36:20 - Group 8:  Advertising/Marketing

So You've Got a Lot of Leads...

As you can imagine, nurturing relationships in all eight categories above can build you a pretty big network--and quick!

A bigger network means more leads, and more people wanting to work with you. At 44:53, our co-host, Lisa Fettner of ReferralExchange, shares how you can turn the excess demand for your services into passive income via referrals. Go to 46:45 to learn more about how referrals work today, and then to 48:45 to learn more about how ReferralExchange makes them work better.

Don't forget to download the two, free guides we mentioned earlier! Here they are:

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