[VIDEO] Marketing Excellence through Automation

February 04 2016

Our series on marketing automation culminated yesterday in a live webinar. We heard from leaders of large brokerages who are operating the same enterprise level marketing solution, but using it in completely different ways that are unique to the needs of their companies.

They're at the forefront of a national trend of brokers who are turning to automation technology to generate marketing materials for their listings. According to Imprev's most recent Thought Leader Survey, 56% of brokers plan to implement marketing automation in 2016.

Want to learn how marketing automation can fit your unique business needs? Watch the webinar below:

Moderator Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology, and special guest Bill Yaman, President, Chief Revenue Officer at Imprev, talked about the unique ways four leading brokerages are leveraging marketing automation. Here is an overview of each. For the full story, watch the webinar recording!

Marketing Department, Empowered!

imprev 2016 techinar christy budnickAre you considering leveraging marketing automation, but already have a creative services or marketing department? If you're worried about overlap, don't. According to Christy Budnick, Broker/Partner/Executive Vice President at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty, her firm's creative services department was empowered by the solution, not threatened.

After only being able to serve about 10 percent of their agents, the company's creative services department discovered that leveraging Imprev's marketing automation platform freed up their time so that they could focus on important tasks that would help everyone. Rather than replacing what the department does, marketing automation enabled them to do what they do better.

A Unique Approach

imprev 2016 techinar cory shepardColdwell Banker West is a smaller brokerage that wanted to offer its agents marketing automation, but needed a way to pay for it. So the company went outside the box and created a unique co-op advertising model that offered extra exposure to their partners.

Cory Shepard, General Manager of Real Estate Operations, related how the brokerage created extra revenue by charging their lenders and other partners a fee to print their advertisement on the back of listing flyers generated by Imprev's marketing platform. This creative approach helped a smaller brokerage afford a sophisticated platform that they may not have otherwise been able to.

Marketing, Scaled to Fit

imprev 2016 techinar dan mirskyJust how flexible is Imprev's marketing automation platform? Just ask Dan Mirsky, Marketing Director at HUNT Real Estate. The brokerage uses Imprev to give their agents six pieces of marketing collateral for every listing. However, they also wanted their agents to have access to Imprev's full Marketing Platform to create and customize other pieces of marketing, as needed.

Rather than paying for their agents to have full access to the platform, HUNT gives their agents the option to purchase access on their own. When agents purchase this "upsell," HUNT earns a small fee, thanks to a revenue share agreement with Imprev. Providing the six basic pieces lets HUNT guarantee that all of their listings are marketed in a consistent and professional manner, while giving their agents access to even more marketing opportunities, as needed.

Increasing Adoption of Marketing Tools

imprev 2016 techinar dan troupJust like Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty worried that Marketing Automation would overlap with their Creative Services team, RE/MAX of Michigan had concerns that introducing marketing automation would drive down adoption of their Marketing Center.

Happily, both worries were unfounded. Dan Troup, Technology Director at RE/MAX of Michigan, relates that marketing automation had the unintended consequence of consistently promoting their Marketing Center. Each morning, agents received an email telling them their listing's marketing materials had been automated and that they can make changes in the Marketing Center. This email reminded agents of the Marketing Center daily, inspiring them to log-in and rediscover all the other options available to them to help build their business. Marketing automation actually inspired the creation of more marketing by agents!

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