[VIDEO] Confused About Mobile? High Impact Millennial Growth Strategies for Serious Agents

December 10 2015

Do you know how to reach Millennials on mobile? Most agents don't--but they know it's an important channel for reaching this up and coming group of new buyers. However, the Millennials use mobile differently than other generations, and what drives mobile users today has changed from even a few years ago.

"So many Millennials would rather text than pick up the phone," says Elijah Young, Partner and VP of Marketing and Business Development for mobile app creator AgentProLink. According to Young, this may be "because of the speed, or because of the connectivity, or because they're inundated with 15 other things right now."

Young was a panelist for yesterday's webinar, "Confused About Mobile? High Impact Millennial Growth Strategies for Serious Agents." Attendees learned how to reach Millennials--and anyone else using mobile to search for homes--using the most innovative mobile technologies available today.

Missed the webinar or looking for a replay? Check out the video recording below:

Webinar attendees also heard from Abe Lim, the President/Broker of Landmark Real Estate in Southern California--and a Millennial. A self-described tech geek, Lim says that mobile has replaced the traditional business card for him.

"I don't hand out business cards anymore. I say, 'Well, just give me your cell number and I'll text you the link to my app.' And within a few seconds, they have my app on their phone. From there, as we're working together and the relationship builds, I ask them at the end of that process, to go ahead and share the app to anyone that you come across ... That's how we've changed the engagement."

Lim uses AgentProLink as his app of choice. Any time a client or prospect shares his app with others, he's notified--a result that's far more easy to quantify than traditional word-of-mouth referrals.

Referrals are the lifeblood of AgentProLink. Users can leverage advertising partnerships with referral partners like loan officers, CPAs, divorce attorneys, financial planners, and more. The app is simple to deploy and offers quantifiable results for precise tracking of your ROI.

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