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Custom IDX/MLS Solutions by Real Estate Webmasters
Real Estate Webmasters provides custom IDX/MLS solutions for real estate professionals.  Local real estate boards publish property listings in a stream (a feed) that can be directed onto an agent or broker website with "IDX" technology. IDX feeds allow online visitors to search for their new house without leaving an agent or broker’s website. This gives real estate professionals the opportunity to get leads to register in their system in exchange for access to convenient, searchable property listings. Real Estate Webmasters’ CORE install is a fully functioning IDX platform (out of the box).  Features include: Google mapping, CRM / Analytics, drip email functionality and more. Real estate professionals have the option to pay to customize the search design and functionality. Real Estate Webmasters’ custom IDX solutions are integrated into real estate website content, rather than hosted in another location and iframed onto your site (as some IDX vendors provide). Real Estate Webmasters integrates the property listings and search results pages to become part of the overall website and attract a lot of relevant search engine traffic. With a custom, integrated IDX feed, real estate professionals have the ability to put "IDX snippets" onto pages, to show lists of properties, such as foreclosures on a foreclosures page, or properties over $1M on a luxury page, or Smithville properties on the Smithville neighborhood page. Real Estate Webmasters is an approved IDX provider to almost 100 real estate boards.
Real Estate Webmasters Agent Websites
Real Estate Webmasters provides three kinds of website designs for real estate agents.  These designs provide real estate agents with the flexibility to start with a template and customize it 100%.  Agents can choose from template websites, limited edition custom websites, or fully custom websites. Template website features include: Contact forms that email the agent immediately when a user comes calling Flash slideshow of property photos, which can be updated anytime Ability to display property listings with photos Branding and agent contact info on every page Pre-made design styles for callout boxes, block quotes, etc. Content management solution –create pages and links, post photos, and edit Lead management solution- organize leads into groups, send automatic drip campaigns, track user behavior, manage a calendar of events, action plans Listings manager- An agent can enter his/her properties (even rentals) into the form fields of the listings manager to be displayed to users. Users can click on properties to see the details pages with more photos Limited Edition Custom (LEC) websites are a hybrid between template and fully custom websites. LEC’s are customized with a search engine friendly MLS search experience and built-in blogging platform.  Real Estate Webmasters recommends that an LEC is best for an agent who does not necessarily want to go through the time that accompanies a truly custom website. The fully custom website option provides high-end, custom real estate websites with built in integration of function. Real Estate Webmasters can design something professional and effective from the ground up, or they can take an agent’s mockups (or existing site) and build it onto a scalable, fully supported platform.  These websites come with lead management and content management technologies.
Virtual Office Websites (VOW) by SEI Systems
SEI Systems offer Virtual Office Websites (VOW). VOW is an exciting new way to offer the most listing data possible through an office or agent website. Through a VOW, website visitors must create an account and agree to certain terms and conditions in order to access VOW listing information. The listing data will display all listing data/information about a particular property with the exception of confidential fields. By providing such an array of information per listing the brokerage/agent can offer the highest level of online services currently allowed by law. Give your online visitors the information they desire by providing VOW on your NAVICA Web Solution.
Wise Agent Virtual Office and CRM
Wise Agent is an all-in-one solution that revolutionizes how real estate professionals conduct their business. Our platform combines contact management, lead automation, transaction management, and real estate marketing tools to streamline your operations, increase productivity and provide reliable, secure access to your virtual office from anywhere. With Wise Agent, you will have the ability to save time and make more money. One of the standout features of Wise Agent is its integration with GPT-3. This allows real estate professionals to easily write emails within the Wise Agent platform, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between multiple tools. With GPT-3's advanced AI capabilities, writing emails has never been easier.  Wise Agent also offers various features to accommodate real estate teams. With up to 5 team members able to use one account for no extra cost, and the ability to add more as needed, our platform is designed to help teams work together more effectively. You can assign contacts, appointments, calls, tasks, transactions, and more to individual team members and view their schedules to keep everyone informed. Branded emails for each member of the team and the ability to create an outside team by linking to other Wise Agent members help to create a seamless and organized team experience.