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Payback by Numbers
Payback Incentives’ Payback by Numbers provides a flexible sales incentive award program for brokers to motivate their agents and agent teams to become more effective and profitable.   Payback by Numbers offers a number of helpful features to help brokers keep their agents focused on the bottomline. Key product benefits include: Speed- drive more sales in less time; Simplicity- easy set up, data entry, tracking, with no management on your part & no IT time; Reporting: generate reports to see who and what is selling, what agents have earned and how they rank against one another; Go live now: deploy the Payback by Numbers system in days. Add-ons, modifications, and adjustments are always live; Variable: offer any award, create multiple, and simultaneous programs on the fly; Security: Provides SSL certificates, protects file integrity and logs management. Payback by Numbers also provides firewall protection from online virus and malware, as well as intrusion detection and prevention measures; Save money: maximize the marketing budget for other initiatives; Loyalty amongst agents, as the system helps to remove bias and favoritism. Payback by Number helps brokers choose a sales tie-in, an award value, provide user and customer data and branding standards, and announce the program.