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Lead Tracker™
Lead Tracker™ Lead Tracker™ is an innovative traffic conversion solution for members of the Search Alliance™ national agent lead-gen co-op network. Lead Tracker™ helps agents convert a greater percentage of their visitor traffic into contactable leads. When visitors can’t be identified on their initial visit to an agent’s site, Lead Tracker™ assigns them a unique ID and continues working 24/7 to capture them as a contactable lead through targeted remarketing campaigns conducted in and outside of the Search Alliance™ network. Once identified, Lead Tracker™ updates the agent’s leads dashboard with their contact information and notifies the agent in real time.
New Home Source Professional (NHSPro)
New Home Source Professional (NHSPro), from Builder Homesite, Inc., is the new home resource for Real Estate Professionals to get all the information they need about new home builders and communities. NewHome Source Professional allows agents to search the largest collection of new homes through a combination of a comprehensive printed map, targeted emails, easy-to-access website and a private label technology solution for the distribution of New Home information into MLS organizations.
New Homes Section
New Homes Section is a website dedicated to providing home buyers with new home listings in 16 states. gives home buyers and agents access to new homes and home builders in 16 states across the nation. In addition, New Homes Section consistently publish information about new home communities, grand openings, sales promotions, government programs, industry trends and home builder news. New Homes Section provides new home listings and information on local home builders for the following states: Alabama Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Nevada New Mexico New York North Carolina South Carolina Texas Utah Washington New Homes provides recent information about state new home incentives and legislation, as well as new home financing resources. It provides a new home search for each listed state, including full listing information and pictures. New Homes provides a move-in ready search feature, so home buyers who need to move-in quickly can search more effectively. The New Homes Section's Home Builder Directory provides access to local home builders, custom builders, and national home builders. The home builders listed in this section build single-family homes, custom luxury homes, active adult homes, town homes, villas, and condominiums. Locate your builder by selecting a state from the quick links in the left sidebar or using the interactive map. Finally, New Homes Section also provides a list of builders offering green homes for sale in new home communities throughout the United States.
Revaluate lets you know what it's like to live in an area before you move to that area with personalized livability ratings. The Revaluate livability rating can help you know whether or not a home fits you and your lifestyle. Revaluate built a standardized platform for evaluating similar homes of high quality that includes a Carfax like background check. This system works for casual shoppers, fast paced buyers and renters as well as for short-term rentals similar to Airbnb or VRBO. Revaulate's livability rating gives you a report on: Safety: What's the crime rate of the area? Are the safety violations serious or recent? Environment: Are rats or other vermin a problem? Are there problems with the utilities? Quality of life: What is the noise level like? Is the elevator frequently broken? Expenses: What other hidden expenses might you face? High utility costs? Energy savings from solar panels?