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Broker Public Portal
Broker Public Portal is a collaborative effort owned and operated by real estate brokerages and MLSs, to deliver, through Homesnap, a better home search experience, with the same comprehensive, real-time MLS data used by real professionals - the people who list and sell homes, not ads. Broker Public Portal is the industry’s largest private marketing network of MLSs, representing 800,000 agents across the country, all contributing their listings to help generate listing exposure and leads from consumers
The CRMLS App provides on-the-go access to CRMLS Matrix including search capabilities, your saved searches, contacts, customer property type carts, portfolio of listings and agent roster. Use the HomeSpotter tool to find properties that meet your client's criteria by simply pointing your smartphone or tablet in that direction.
MORE > is the mobile version of CRMLS Matrix and provides the same level of access to CRMLS Matrix as the desktop site does.
MLS-Office for Agents
MLS-Office provides a marketing and contact management solution for real estate professionals. This solution connects real estate agents with their MLS data via their mobile device. MLS-Office for Agents supports the following mobile devices: iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android (Google). MLS-Office for Agents features include: Contact manager Showings manager Market Trend Report Listings manager Bilingual Mass mailing Import wizard to import your contacts Calendar linked to your MLS Labels and envelopes Email Module (Multiple pop 3 accounts) Activity manager Lead capture form Push synchronization (with almost any type of Smartphone) Buyer's activity report Action Plans Seller's activity report Email drip campaign MLS-Live (Live chat for your website) Team Ready (Shared contacts database and calendars) NEW Facebook integration MLS-Office does not use a contract for their service, but they do offer unlimited product training.
Mobile IDX
VoicePad MobileIDX™ is mobile search software that empowers agents and consumers to search for any home with any phone. All you have to do is simply enter, or speak, a street address number or MLS ID, and VoicePad will look up and deliver the property information in high quality English or Spanish. This software is easy to offer your MLS members, staff, or clients. It integrates directly with the MLS database or broker IDX. This technology makes localized mobile search a reality. MobileIDX does not require wireless web or text messaging to function. This means that MobileIDX works on every phone, making it convenient for all mobile users, not just BlackBerry or iPhone users. VoicePad bundles additional options and sponsored services. For example, it can add a monthly payment calculator feature for each property to complete the mobile search experience. This delivers multiple potential revenue streams. Customized content, in both English and Spanish, is provided. This technology integration requires no end-user training and provides value for agents and local home buyers. This product is attractive for MLSs and Associations to offer their members. It also can be a great product to offer staff members in your office. Agents will find this an attractive service to generate leads and provide information to more people about listings.
VoicePad provides a complete mobile strategy, eliminating the need to support multiple vendors and technologies. VoicePad is a mobile search application for the real estate industry that combines the most important mobile technologies into a single elegant solution. Unlike other mobile solutions that focus exclusively on text messaging or mobile apps, VoicePad provides Interactive Voice, Buyer Text and Mobile Broadband, all working together to give consumers multiple ways to engage your company. Consumers access property information from any phone by calling a brokerage-branded telephone number and using audio commands within the VoicePad system. Consumers hear listing information by simply calling the brokerage's phone number and entering the house number of a specific property from any phone. Call (502) 805-4216 and enter street #3304 for demo. VoicePad has equipped "Eve," VoicePad's automated sales attendant, with an expansive vocabulary designed to describe properties in both English and Spanish. VoicePad allows consumers to receive information via text message or email so they can access information in any way that is comfortable for them. VoicePad also provides reports of all calls to the broker and agent for tracking and lead management purposes.