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Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck is a free iPad app designed to make building visually appealing presentations simple. Presentations can be emailed or shared via social channels, or embedded on a blog or website. With Haiku Deck, real estate professionals can introduce themselves, create listing presentations, illustrate stats and trends, and share their expertise. Users can illustrate their presentations by choosing from millions of free Creative Commons photos or premium imagery from Getty Images. You can also import your own images or easily create charts and graphs. Presentations can be further customized with a range of stylish fonts, layouts, and image filters. No design skills are needed to create beautiful presentations. Haiku Deck is based on aesthetic principles that make creating ugly presentations impossible. First, presentations are kept simple by limiting text and focusing each slide on one idea. They're then made beautiful by using full-bleed images as well as one-touch themes, filters, and formatting.
IDX123 by RealtyTech
The IDX123 Platform provides standard IDX listing features and is fairly intuitive to use. Features include the following: MLS selection (multiple allowed) Picture and profile Open Houses Featured Properties Listing presentation Link Creator Search Widget creator Reporting User Management The end user experience is also standard with basic listing information linked to the detailed property view. Users can save a listing, add to favorites, and set up a VIP profile to receive listings via email. The IDX provides an area map, and a linked list of all of the areas covered. The search and advanced search lets users get detailed results based on their search.
Live Seminars by David Knox
David Knox has presented more than 3,500 seminars to 500,000 real estate agents in 50 States and eleven countries. David helps real estate agents master their selling and negotiating skills with his timeless sales advice and non-stop roller coaster of energy. David is ranked as a top presenter at the last 28 NAR conventions and in 2011, RIS Media presented to him the “On the Shoulders of Giants” award. His roots in sales, management and national speaking combined with his quick wit and fast-paced delivery, leaves the audience with solid techniques and the inspiration to use them.  
Steps to Success Buyer Presentation
The Steps to Success Buyer Presentation is about educating your buyer clients right from the beginning. The key is setting and managing realistic expectations. An educated buyer is a much easier client to work with. The buyer presentation is broken down in the following eight sections: Introduction - Introduce yourself and your company or brokerage--years in business, sales results, etc. Establish your credibility. Step 1: Buying Consultation - Learn more about what the buyer is looking for in a home and how will assist them in the process. Step 2: Loan Pre-Approval - Educate the buyer on the importance of loan pre-approval, including knowing what homes they can comfortably afford and simplifying the closing process. Step 3: Searching for a Home - Demonstrate the resources you have at hand to help the buyer find their perfect home. Step 4: Viewing Homes - Help the buyer learn the importance of showing up for appointments on time, of only viewing homes that suit their needs, and more. Step 5: Develop a Pricing Strategy - Teach your buyer the importance of researching comparable pricing before submitting an offer. Step 6: Writing and Negotiating an Offer - Educate your buyer on why it's crucial to evaluate every portion of the contract. Step 7: Managing the Transaction Through Closing - Explain to the buyer what needs to be done to ensure a successful closing, what can go wrong, and how to avoid those pitfalls.
Steps to Success Listing Presentation
The Steps to Success Listing Presentation is a fully customizable template that comes to you in a fully prepared Microsoft PowerPoint format. Using PowerPoint, you can edit anything in the presentation template--text, images, colors, logos, add or delete pages, and more. The presentation comes ready to go, right out of the box. All agents need to do is run through and make a few simple text edits, and change out their company logo. The presentation's horizontal format is ideal for presenting on a laptop, iPad, or other tablet. You can save the file as a PDF in PowerPoint for easy viewing on any device. The listing presentation is broken down into the following eight sections: Introduction - Introduce yourself, your company or brokerage, and establish your credibility. Step 1: Selling Consultation - Learn about the customer's home and why they are selling. Begin to manage their expectations. Step 2: Develop Pricing Strategy - Talk about why pricing accurately is crucial, using comparables, and the consequences of pricing too high. Step 3: Develop Marketing Strategy - Begin by educating your sellers on where buyers actually find the homes they purchase. Step 4: Implement Customized Marketing Plan - This is the most customizable part of the presentation. It helps you explain that most marketing starts with the MLS, and fill your prospect in on what marketing you and your brokerage offer. Step 5: Understanding Your Role - Help the seller understand their role, from making repairs to keeping the home in ready-to-show condition. Step 6: Negotiating the Purchase Contract - Help the seller understand the value of your professional guidance. Step 7: Managing the Transaction Through Closing - Prepare your seller for what happens after an offer has been accepted, but before the deal is closed. Prepare them for any issues that may arise.
The Slide Bureau
If you're tired of the templates offered by PowerPoint or Keynote, The Slide Bureau might be the answer. Slide Bureau is a state-of-the-art presentation creation and sharing service. They offer tons of completely customizable templates and if you don't see what you like, contact them and they will help build something you do like. Slide Bureau offers users: In-house designers The ability to have a live YouTube video within your presentation An interactive map feature that you can send to clients or embed in the presentation You can update your presentation quickly Simple and straightforward photo uploading You can embed or copy the presentation to your website and put it right into the HTML Although users have to exclusively use their iPad to build a project, their presentation will auto-format to any screen size and is completely shareable to all Internet capable devices. Users also have the ability to control Slide Bureau remotely. You can control it from anywhere in the world and can send it to whomever, wherever they are, and it will change in real time for the person watching the presentation. The best part about Slide Bureau? It's totally free.