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Broker File Manager
The automated Broker File Management tool helps brokerages manage their listing, sale and lease files much more efficiently while reducing legal exposure. Features include: Broker Controlled. The system lets you know when documents are ready for review. Only broker staff can mark off documents as reviewed. Reduce Risk. Agents know what documents are needed for each transaction. Broker file review work is automatically documented in transaction file history. Save Time. Perform file reviews faster, from your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. When agents update their files online, the broker files are updated and staff is notified. Save Money. In addition to saving staff time, brokerages save money on paper, toner, and storage costs by going paperless. Try our paperless savings calculator and see how much you could save. The Broker File Management Tool is included with DocBox and TransactionDesk modules, available through Instanet Solutions.
Real Estate Digital's DocCentral enables agents and brokers to eliminate the paper, storage and printing needed to complete a real estate sale. Doc Central provides a web-based platform to securely digitize, share and manage documents. This service allows you to convert all your documents to digital copies, which eliminate printing costs, the time to manually file and the inconvenience of large filing cabinets in your work space. DocCentral also provides a secure document warehouse with 24/7 protection and access. It also allows you to manage your important documents. You will be able to track who has viewed your documents and control who has access to certain documents. DocCentral offers you the ability to digitize your documents by directly uploading them, emailing them or faxing them. You will be able to view your documents online 24/7, with the option to share these documents online or by email. You will be giving consumer access, with unique branding of agent or broker. DocCentral enables you to search an "electronic file cabinet" for transactions or create new ones. It also automatically populates your property information from MLS systems. It provides you with an open platform and the flexibility to operate with leading transaction management systems. DocCentral also allows extensive security, which allows the user to controls who can see which of their documents. It also monitors site access.
Goby SeaSuite
Become more energy efficient with Goby's SeaSuite platform. It is an energy management and regulatory compliance app created for commercial real estate professionals looking to save their clients time and money. Their platform helps by capturing and distilling multiple building data sources into simple, contextualized dashboards, tasks, and reports. The Goby SeaSuite system manages: Data collection and entry Sustainability reporting and certifications Vendors and teams Goby's SeaSuite also helps track performances. Clients can utilize them to track sustainability on a single cloud-based interfaced. Goby's goal is to help their clients average 5-10% in cost reductions just by tracking performance. They also help customers maintain compliance. Their platform is set up so that the client can utilize the coupled dashboard and along with Goby's team. Goby helps clients ensure compliance with regulatory and reporting ordinances, Energy Star, and LEE certifications. Finally, Goby is there to help their clients manage risk. SeaSuite helps their customers become more aware of their individual exposure to the rising costs of energy, water, waste, and other utilities. SeaSuite customers are able to report to their stakeholders in each of these areas.
Green Solar Technology
Green Solar Technologies provides solar system intallation for residential and commercial use.  By providing customers with a one-stop-shop for modules, permits, and the installation process. Our American-made panels and microinverters also come with a monitoring system that will ensure your system is working at peak efficiency. A solar power system supplies clean, renewable energy while also offering savings in electricity costs with federal, state, and local incentives available for a limited time.  The process of solar energy works by: Panels capturing energy from the sun Microinverters will then convert the energy into AC electricity Finally, the generated AC electricity provides power for the electricity and lights in your home